New Cricket HTC Desire 510 Unboxing and In-Depth Review


This is the HTC Desire 510 from Cricket Wireless. Its a very nice phone with a nice touch screen. It also has a fast processor. Overall a nice phone by HTC.




  1. pandeaa 22 says

    still using this in 2020. It's pretty good to be honest.

  2. YvngCxrist says

    I used to have this phone but now I have a ZTE sonata 3

  3. Andy Logan says

    What's the ram?

  4. Fernando Vargas says

    is it really 10 bucks now

  5. LONEPIGGY says

    I am pretty younge (12) and I plan on getting my first phone pretty soon and I want a smartphone but there's one catch I have to pay for everything myself and I find it pretty hard to get money and I love taking pictures and playing games what would you recommend?

  6. Samar Burnett says

    I got a LG phone it is a great phone but I am Getting a HTC too

  7. Kenzie Love says

    i have this phone and i only hate it for two reason for one the selfie cam is blurry and i have to get in more light and for two it wont let you work facetime an i wanted to facetime my frand today and yeaterday ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………. ……………. ………… ………………………… ………………… ……………..

  8. Von L says

    This dude is an idiot… He doesn't know what blink feed is…. He keeps saying a phone running ANDROID isn't ANDROID because of the HTC Sense overlay… Like Samsung running TOUCH WIZ is still ANDROID. He should be ashamed of himself

  9. Sir McKiver says

    love this 📱 but can't enable Wi-Fi please answer

  10. Itsyaboi Jenkins says

    Much SHLUR

  11. Mika Guzman says

    I literally love this phone! I love how it has all the different kinds of phone themes and I also like how you can change the different qualities on the phone. The battery on this phone also lasts better than any of the phones that I had! When you are playing games and watching videos, the quality is actually pretty good! The screen is clear when ever I play a game on it, so it should be absolutely fine! I consider this phone better than my Samsung, but it needs more memory! But, otherwise than that, it's a pretty good phone to have 🙂

  12. Alicia Gettler says

    I love this phone! if u don't treat it right u suck

  13. FujinKage says

    Bought this phone 5 days ago and It's the worst phone I've ever had. Its not sensitive to touch, at all, but the stupid thing will auto rotate at the slightest movement and I have to go back to the home screen to rotate it back. When typing a message, the keyboard spazzes out and just types whatever the f it wants. I tried to type "Awesome" and every time I clicked the W it automatically typed "aw aa ooci" in my message. The screen bighten and dims whenever it feels like it. And it usually takes 3 or 4 tries just to end a call, or to just swipe over to my call history. Im trading it out for the LG Risio tomorrow. I like the review on it and anything has got to be better than this clusterfu*k of software.

  14. Jeremy Penn says

    I have this phone….I don't like it very much…the display goes dim…the speaker phone stops working, the receiver stops working…and the UI is very bad…can't see my numbers from the call log….

  15. Pulse says

    cool 😀

  16. Princess Boog says

    I had this phone, I loved it it was a nice phone. the camera to me was grate. my battery life not going to lie last a long time for me. sound was kinda low but overall it was a pretty good phone💪

  17. Mr. martinez says

    I have a question why my htc 510 cricket when I'm talking it sounds like I am on the speaker but I'm not in the spekear how do I fix this?

  18. asher phillips says

    whats better motto g, lg tribute, or the HTC desire 510?

  19. Gia Kendall says

    Does it have emojis? Please answer 😊

  20. any thing computer or windows related l says

    How's it feel in your hand

  21. Daniel Braddy says

    Its deerzer

  22. Ndella Tall says

    is it gsm

  23. Joshua Perez says

    This phone is absolute trash! The camera is horrible, I can take better pics with an iPod 4, the storage sucks, the screen cracks very easily, only one speaker and it's on the back! And last but not least if you have just a drop of water or hot fingers the screen spazzes the fuck out. Worst phone I've ever bought.

  24. Deandrea Bradley says

    How can I set up my hotspot

  25. Devon J says

    got it and the damn touch screan always tweaks out. I calibrate and it still tweaks out, if any1 has a solution please help.

  26. Trulli Tavi says

    Why doesn't the camera have a flash? I need the camera for my video, production! 🙁

  27. miztri says

    What is the memory expansion

  28. Ojel Skeptron 1973 says

    Got one!

  29. Benjamin Michael says

    Is anyone else having problems with the screen brightness changing from bright to dim while viewing different images or watching videos etc, with auto brightness 100% off…?Please reply because I am not sure if this is a bug or just a terrible feature

  30. Lloyd Christmas says

    Still have this phone works great.

  31. Manuel Suquilanda says

    Is a way to use internet from my telephone wireless to my Xbox 360

  32. Joshua Cline says

    so with it not having Beats, how is the sound output to headphones and ect? my ZTE sucks ass!shitty sound, way quiet. i hate it.

  33. XSadaX says

    Can you even make good pics with this phone w/o flash?? I don't want to buy it, if it makes bad pics. My HTC desire X makes good pics.

  34. Priest Williamson says

    This phone doesn't have a file manager app built in it. I had downloaded ES file explorer! I want to erase something off my SD card, but the app won't let me. It says that I have to root the phone! If I do that, wouldn't that mess up my warranty? If so, can anybody help me with an app that can erase something off my SD card? Thanks!

  35. Coffee Princess says

    Does this phone work good with watching videos ex.anime, drama fever

  36. Nikki Kirk says

    Top left in my notification bar it has "cricket" do you know how I can remove that? Thank you.

  37. lenny boy says

    Had this phone for about a month and have to say it has really impressed me the speed is good, it doesn't lag while I watching youtube or movies, it has no software or internal glitches. It has performed above average in everything I have used it for. Truly a good phone I would of been happy paying $100 or $75 for it but I bought it when the special was offered and got the 75$ rebate so it was free definitely a good deal for a nice HTC phone

  38. Gio Paillan says

    like it going upgrade to this phone 

  39. Amelia Jones says

    Does it have it to where you can put a signature on your messages ? And also the apps in which are in the folders on the menu screen , you can take those out of the folders . Correct ?

  40. David Urquhart says

    I got this phone right now and i wanna know do it have a notification light on it….

  41. Ashton Clincy says

    Can this phone run Gods Among Us Injustice.? 

  42. Lloyd Christmas says

    Have this phone with cricket due to the migration decent phone for the price , just wondering if there's way to get the developer options to adjust some things

  43. Moses Ortega says

    Is it 720p

  44. Cosmic Kidd says

    Did he say no camera on the phone?what!?

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