*NEW* Cops & ROBBERS Game Mode in Fortnite


We Play COPS & ROBBERS in Fortnite Battle Royale!

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  1. maddex hanson says

    me. mom their i bullat in my ipad mom .how? bec im smash the like button

  2. Hiram Barragan says

    I’m actually a pro and I have the new skin but I’m still a pro I got every time I lose because everybody good number one was good but I got two wins in that song

  3. Meano Brazet says

    Hey I got another joke piece of sub button why are you mad at me because you’re red

  4. Meano Brazet says

    Hey I got a joke he like button why are you so blue

  5. Deshawn Sherley says

    I love this dudes videos 😂 he don’t curse and he has a fun time with his friends while making us laugh at the same time

  6. Jackson Wiese says

    my favorite thing to eat in the moring is ceral

  7. Manny-for-prez says

    He said DUMP :0 he no more kid friendly

  8. Kingston gamer Desouza says

    OMG stop saying the wrong word for submarine

  9. Dash10 Gamingyt says

    Did h hear ssundee he said henwy was a a hole

  10. little Guy says

    Can you make new cops and robbers and please be a coppp

  11. Dillon Gouker says

    I dislike I big noob that why I watch you

  12. Hunter Moser says

    👍 and SUBSCRIBE

  13. I am good Kkj says

    I am not gonna use puzzlers create code It’s a stupid dummy code

  14. Christine Thomas says

    He said asshole

  15. Michelle Churchill says

    Controller shiter

  16. Michelle Churchill says

    Big bich

  17. Michelle Churchill says


  18. Michelle Churchill says


  19. Road to 1k to get a creator code says

    SSundee cursed😳🥺😣😭8:12

  20. fiona byrne says

    Cppppppppppppppppppppppppoiutrepoiutroy dueni3fncuejg4jbjntifhhr

  21. Richard Hulse says

    I suck at everything I do

  22. Selma Emine says


  23. Mairon Isenia says

    Put a nother won!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please

  24. Ryan Choi says

    Ssundee sweared anyone else hear?

  25. Claire Rees says


  26. Cori Yt says

    Wait is that a second one of the last one

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