*NEW* BOSS BATTLE Music & Flex on `Em returns after 537 days *ITEM SHOP* – November 20


Fortnite Item Shop Update November 20 (Boss Battle Song, Flex on Them, Buckets, New Castor Style, New Elmira Style,…)
Fortnite Item Shop November 20. What’s in Today’s Fortnite Item Shop 11-20-2020. A Quick overview of all new skins, emotes and dances in the Fortnite Item Shop.

#EpicPartner code: *CHIEVOS*

  1. Mark Müller says


  2. Galleta de Animalito Estudios says

    Hola, sabes si el gesto de canasta si lanza el balón?

  3. fortnite girl says

    They added a fan made music track??

  4. Fortnite King says

    Bro am really busy am sorry because we r shifting our things to our new house that wise I can see ur vids sorry😥😊

  5. Darkside95ツ says

    Finally the new season 12 bosses song! It's very nice, for me 10/10, and you Alex, what's your grade about this song?

    Code CHIEVOS in the item shop!!

  6. Kev Womy says

    Hey Alex! How's things with you my friend? Hope you're doing well. I just bought the music pack 👍

  7. Thundie pants says

    Definitely getting castor and the music pack, glad alot of good stuff is coming out. I just wish tiktok emotes didnt get a featured slot

  8. im_ defult2020 says

    Jdhoogan music

  9. XxbagstaxX says

    Buen video bro

  10. Cool Konch reboot says

    0:41 when someone does this after they won a basketball game

  11. GameCarp YT says

    Cool! Do you think you could shout out my channel?

  12. TheDoge 777 says

    hey man just wanted to say I am doing much better now than I was last time 🙂 how about you?

  13. Jack Hovling says


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