1. iCoCow says

    I will be giving away 3 Epic skins this month of September.
    Deadline: September 29, 2020
    Announcement of Winners: September 30, 2020

    1. You must be a subscriber and you hit the notification bell. (Important)
    2. You must have atleast 10 total comments on my entire channel. (Important)
    3. Like and Share our Videos.

    Note: I will be using random picker to be fair to all the participants. The actual picking will be recorded and will be posted on our community tab. So be sure to hit the notification bell for more updates.

    To join the giveaway, Fill up the form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe34Hlxnt62EZMP8sqlt1nyIq8Ta1XsK8YZOsrLQdQUYgwTZA/viewform

  2. JakeDragon _ YT says


  3. Jaymark Manalang says

    That was intense music, surely it will boost the players morale to play more of this game, Thumbs Up , keep us updated God bless sir.

  4. Wanwan newb says


  5. Lori Red says

    This sound like a epic ringtone for when I'm going out with friends

  6. Cloud Strife says

    Nice background

  7. Likion Boi says

    I miss the 515 unite theme song tho, but I like the new background music (esp the singer's adlibs) nice update!!

  8. dominic nukz says

    background music 3 is much better

  9. Muhammad Irfan says

    The background music was increadible 😮

  10. Infires Jam says

    This new background music gives me one of the reasons why I should play ML

  11. Fake Infection says

    Notify shout out lods 😍

  12. lance espenida says

    Shockkss so lit😮

  13. Mikhael Jon Magoncia says

    Wow I love the music! It gives the audience a sense of victory and courage, like it's portraying conflict and defeat but it rises, the hero rises to make a comeback! I love this!

  14. your average commenter says

    it looks so thrilling omg 😱 i’m getting so excited

  15. Kazy Shahriar Hasan says

    tnx for these important infos dude

  16. N00B TV says

    Im from brazil ❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  17. Dana Mae Cordero says

    the background music is cool.

  18. Bendangsunep 366 says

    Wow the beats it go give me chillsEspecially the 3rd intro

  19. Christian Jhay says

    Wow it so Freaking Cool ❤ thanks for always updating!Edit: it's like a cinematic 😍

  20. Jade Ryan B. Pais says

    who wants to see MLBB 3.0 trailer

  21. Cool Ramen says

    It literally sounds like harmony

  22. Muharam Sarbini says

    Song kadita 👍

  23. Crexz GmS says

    Exactly what I was trying to find. That guy who did these kept the idea of the old bgm and just made it real good.

  24. Vincent Fungo says

    The music was great… I wish MLBB hired Ramin Djwadi too … He's good in making melodies by emotions..

  25. Just Wahid says

    Have more groove

  26. Jam Official says

    Thats a nice background music idol

  27. Frixion IIX says

    Nice video

  28. rarirararirurara says

    bgm 1 gives me aov & dragon nest feel. and bgm 3 slightly sounds like sao's.

  29. Justine Valero says


  30. DEATH PLAYS says

    Waw i like the new background music

  31. Hitesh Manalac says

    This is my jam!!!

  32. TYSON EXE says

    I love that backsound XD

  33. TYSON EXE says

    Mobile legends copy lol mobile

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