NBA "Perfect Basketball" MOMENTS


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Here’s part 3 of the most beautiful ball movement you’ll ever see !

NBA video clips used in this video are licensed through partnership with NBA Playmakers.

Music provided by Epidemic Sound

This video features players like: Lonzo Ball, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert

  1. J7 Core says

    The first one wasn't pretty and beautiful. End of the shot clock. Lol

  2. Obito says

    My friends turn away from your sins and repent. Don’t let your sins overtake you. Turn to Jesus and ask God for your forgiveness. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord

  3. Gavin walter says

    If only ballers at the park or in the gym can do the same smh😒

  4. BelowTheRim says

    I am a fan of Golden Hoops.

  5. Lebron James says

    I always play perfect basketball 🏀

  6. Brian Matthews says
  7. Khalifa 1 says

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  8. Huseyıncan Usta says

    Its like tiki taka of the basketball

  9. G Hermo says

    I think the fast breaks that’re 2 on 1, 3 v 1 aren’t “perfect” they should be converting those, they’re pros

  10. Reinaldi Adi Sukma Nugraha says

    Just change the title to "bad defensive basketball"

  11. Mathew Garcia says

    It looks so bad when they wear white jerseys on the road🥱

  12. ahmad idrees says

    4:21 sucks klay won't do that for another season

  13. Small Heart says

    Que bonito que es el futbool, papaa

  14. Francis James says

    You should do Jrue Holiday. Welcome to Milwaukee. NBA Pelicans 2019-20 highlights!

  15. Zacarias Rodriguez says

    Golden hoops The Best 😆 😊 😈👉👍👌✌👆👉👋👏👏👐

  16. Shir Riggings says

    This is one of the few channels on YouTube I’m actually a true og to

  17. issa abdoul latif says

    want to watch basketball with beats this is the channel

  18. Camalama Dingdong says

    None of the thumbnails make sense

  19. Shakman Densetsu says

    when making 3 consecutives passes make that a perfect basketball moment, you know its the beginning of the end.

  20. Josephi Krakowski says

    Exquisite 🔥👌🏼

  21. Dpilla says

    man that was satisfying

  22. Kenaz Grant says

    1:54 Dennis shrouder pass was smooth 🤣

  23. Oppose Me says

    Yo Golden Hoops can you do a compilation about underrated players?

  24. OD Quigs says

    5:49 anyone hear how the commentator pronounced Giannis' name? lol

  25. Student Aiedyn Davis says

    Today I learned that chris paul was on the spurs

  26. Ayedyn101 says

    Love your content. Too many ads though. 30sec on at the start then 4 more ad breaks during. Still left a like though.

  27. TheCommentKing says

    Video on Harden and what will happen:

  28. Aldrich Aldave says

    You want perfect basketball? Just check and look for 2013-14 San Antonio Spurs 🏀

  29. Laura Garno says

    Golden hoops is tooo addicting that I have to unsubscribe lol

  30. Gkaras13 says

    Those are usual plays in euroleague

  31. benny 13 says

    Iam a fan of Golden Hoops

  32. Aj Africa says

    suns 7 seconds offense,
    spurs ball movement,
    step curry 3point skills.

    this era is wickedly good… in offense

  33. Joe Krle says

    man i miss the nba already. thanks to gh for keeping it real

  34. jake quinto says

    Love ball movement

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