Nanjing, China Travel Guide – China's Former Capital | China Travel Vlog


Dave and Deb of The Planet D continue their travels in Asia and show all the things to do in Nanjing China. The former capital of many dynasties.
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Things to do in Nanjing China
Nanjing Niushoushan Cultural Park
Confucious Temple
The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders
Purple Mountain
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum
Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum
Gate of Nanjing
City Wall
Calligraphy Class
Porcelain Tower
Nanjing Duck
Recommended Nanjing Hotel
How to Get to Nanjing

  1. Deyaa 1989 says

    I am amazed by the energy, quality, and history of this channel, proud of the way you respect each other, culture, and environment, and happy to have seen this channel. I was going to ask how people could afford frequent travelling but saw most of your videos and have learned some answers. Blogging and vlogging, in addition to having temporary travel-related jobs, receiving advertisements, being sponsored, as well as travelling smart and with the proper gears seem to pay off for pleasant and significant travels.Please allow me to reserve a permanent seat observing these journeys via YouTube :)Keep up the good work!Deyaa,

  2. tian Mr says

    Welcome to Nanjing, where I am

  3. PENG ZHANG says


  4. Leo Hedrick says

    Japanese be like there is no way we did that…

  5. Kevin Stapp says

    This video was so wholesome and brightened my day considerably. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Richard Lee says

    ROC‘s capital——nanking!

  7. Ian Qian says

    It's my hometown!!!

  8. Jessica W says

    Wow, indeed, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this either :-)Amazing, thanks for sharing!

  9. __ says

    You guys are amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience and coverage of Nanjing. Keep up the amazing work!

  10. NightingaleSong says

    Best Nanjing vlog out there. Younger vloggers spend too much time on food, partying, and socializing. =D

  11. yu Ryan says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FLIMING MY HOMETOWN next time if u go deji is a great place to hangout

  12. D HolyDiver says

    It is so unbelievable! This is not the China I knew from the western media!

  13. D HolyDiver says

    i really like your video!THANK YOU SO MUCH ☺️

  14. Ilona Q says

    1st I just wanna say you guys are an adorable couple 2nd thank you so much for this informative video I do plan on moving to Nanjing this year in 2020 and you gave me an impossibly long list of activities to accomplish 😆

  15. Blessed Patterson says

    My wife was born in this city, but she was left on a bridge as a baby and was adopted 7 years later. She has not been back in 20 years

  16. Jay Mistry says

    Hi Debbie and Dave. I would like to say that you guys have done a commendable job on this video. It's informative, personal and fun too! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this video diary compared to many others we have seen. Nanjing is possibly our next destination so thanks! One day we hope to settle in Canada so hope to see some more on Canada!

  17. Tiago Liu says

    Welcome to China

  18. Hedwig Cora says


  19. Hai Liu says

    👏👏👏👍👍👍incredible amazing.

  20. ResponseAspire 4 Galaxy-2YOU says

    Another great video, very detailed, thank you,

  21. Henry Z says

    I miss my home town

  22. Ryan says

    Nanjing is my hometown where I spent the first 16 years of my life. It is a city with rich history and culture, modern enough yet more relaxing than shanghai and Beijing. I recommend long term stays in the city if you are fluent in Mandarin or have a tour guide who is, give yourself time to sink into the environment and feel as history flow through the streets and alleys of Nanjing. Have fun if you ever go visit Nanjing.

  23. Xiao Zhang says

    0:10 This might lead to some misunderstanding. Beijing was the capital city of the last dynasty, Qing dynasty, for more than 200 years until 1911. Nanjing was the capital city for several regimes but it was not a continuous process. The last dynasty during which Nanjing was still the capital city is Ming dynasty, just before Qing. Nanjing was the capital city of ROC, but ROC can't be categorized as a dynasty since it's a republic.

  24. Maurício Lirani Antonello says

    How much time do you think it's necessary to visit Niushoushan Cultural Park? Did you visit it in the same day as Ming Dinasty and Sun Yatsen Mausoleum?

  25. L L says


  26. Marschild says

    I have not been to Nanjing but really would like to visit it.

  27. Joshua Yang says

    Nanjing was a huge part of WW2

  28. Barry Allen says

    Amazing city!

  29. Cindy Zhang says

    The riverside park on both sides of the Yangtze River is a very good place to go. one side is 58km long. Next spring, in April, you can go to the Yangtze River to appreciate cherry blossom. The cherry blossom woods streches 3 km long along the Yangtze River. must be good memory.

  30. killbill says

    Awesome video.

  31. viz yang says

    Really well done! Thank you for sharing this!

  32. lili yang says

    Thanks for sharing all the history of nanjing

  33. Nico yazawa says

    Nanjing is amazing! Great vid 🙂

  34. GherazzRadio says

    Love this video, I'm going to Nanjing next weekend and this video is my resource

  35. Donyun Lee says

    Enjoy the trip.If is possible,recomend you can try the most smooth duck blood rice noodle.

  36. 城小马 says

    Thank you for introducing my hometown. Welcome to come again! Greetings from Nanjing people

  37. Chen Jeff says

    In the beginning, you were shooting the video in the Supreme Education Court of Ancient China. More than half of ancient Chinese scholars must take examination here and get a credential evaluation before they getting to the work for the government.

  38. 张海曼 says

    Welcome to WenZhou

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