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  1. No Life Shaq says

    Comment who I should play next! I’m back to my old self now this was a couple weeks ago!

  2. Joseph says

    Flight and cash got everyone playing 1v1s

  3. AlphaProjeKt says

    ShaqFu… Ya boys J is straight from JaRules toilet 💩 🔥🤘

  4. Carlos Lastra says

    I want next

  5. Carlos Lastra says

    Bro we gonna set you up with some coach lessons lol

  6. Dion Bowen says

    Wow that was painful to watch. Like an JV tryout. 😂.

  7. Tyler Alexander says

    Y’all cheeks 😂

  8. Joujou Loulou says

    Are we going to ignore the fact that they are playing in place of gta San andreas

  9. Dolly Dorothy says

    Man I beat u and him 2 v 1 by 21 and more

  10. TvT Trix says

    When you trynna run the 1’s my guy!!! I want all the smoke HAHAHA #NoLifegang!! Finish that man finish that man!! Keep up the work Shaq!!!

  11. Mathew Carey says

    You in Charleston right? Let me know when you want this work Shaq

  12. Sharklord 14860 says

    You live in a nice area shaq

  13. Hawlucha Lucha says

    After he fell, they should of just been game lol. He out here carrying, air balling, calling half time and all that 😂😂😂

  14. Itachi says


  15. Eddy says

    Everytime shaq made a shot I shout Dats Tuff!

  16. Cody Anderson says

    why those houses line up in size? 🤣🤣

  17. AGrammie says

    Old man Ball so much traveling and two handed dribbling….lol we like doze!

  18. AshTooBlunt says

    whoever sees this, can you go on my channel and rate my jumpshot, just picked up basketball as a new sport…need some critics, from england btw, basketball aint common round here

  19. The Word says

    Nobody went to the left 😯. And that was the longest game to 12 ever lol.

  20. LeeMatias says

    i wanna see if crypt can score

  21. Damian Allen says

    U should get all of shaq life together and have a basketball 1v1 tournament..and donate all the money to whatever u want

  22. Damian Allen says

    I'll come down play 1v 1

  23. RawX Gaming says

    Mount pleasant ??

  24. Carlos Chavez says

    Wanna 1v1? I’m too good

  25. Derrick Strempka says

    Shag done put da ass whoopin on him

  26. Cyberpunks Witcher says

    Y’all both trash lmao

  27. Reignin 1 says

    Those long shots. Nice

  28. Edwin Garcia says

    What in the rookie not warmed up rusty missing hoops is this 😂 Thats Tuff

  29. Ayy-Din says

    Ooh man I cant lie this was a uh, bit of a rough watch lol. This looks like light work to me chief

  30. Jose Jauregui says

    Damn that was a sad 1v1. I see more excitement in a weather forecast update. 😴

  31. 101 Chainz says

    Yo Shaq when this covid shit over fly to Canada I’ll take you 1v1 and I’m 15

  32. d Waters says

    Nique traveled like hell on his first layup

  33. BornInHell Sr says

    @ No Life Shaq, you should change the nickname to No Life Harden, 'cause you share the same philosophy on defense as he does

  34. Maksim Lozanoski says

    This man Shaq live on Groove street or sum?

  35. yhnwrld says

    Worse than flight both of u😭

  36. Calvin Coleman says

    Life Shaq got a little game in him

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