1. The King of Gaming says

    Your family are in my prayers Much love to you Doosh

  2. iRaap OnPoint says

    Your family are in my prayers man. Much love to you Doosh 🙏🏼

  3. GAMER&AL Reyes says

    I know the feeling bro back in April this went resident evil 3 remake came out I was sick took me few week be away from my family. .. wish the best u and family praying for u bro

  4. DeniseAka -Jackal says

    Sorry to hear you have to be away from the family for another week!! Hope they are doing well🙏🏻💙 glad you’re results were good!! 💪💙 hang in there Doosh!!

  5. Alicia ThickaThanASnicka says

    Sooooo glad you results are negative and keeping the Fam in prayers, I know it has to be tough being apart from them due to all of this but want them to be healthy and ok… Much Love!!!🙏💙💜

  6. JamesTheElite says

    I pray that your family is healed from the virus

  7. Felecia Massey says

    Hey dooooossshhhhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. J͜͝e͜͝n͜͝'s͜͝ O͜͝r͜͝r͜͝a͜͝ says

    Sad away from your Family 😔😔

  9. J͜͝e͜͝n͜͝'s͜͝ O͜͝r͜͝r͜͝a͜͝ says


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