My Covid Results Came Back…


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  1. Dan Acosta says

    Stay safe homie

  2. Mr Sandstorm says

    Hey man. All my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
    You are one of the most resiliant people i have ever seen. Your content is amazing.
    Stay safe brother.

  3. Gr3y_FoX_ 27 says

    StAy healthy my guy. Watch yugioh!!

  4. Milan Gees Pedersen says


  5. YUMMY P0TAT0 says

    Stay Strong bro!

  6. Ben Brayley says

    Praying for you brother

  7. Jeffrey Hendrickson says

    Thank you for posting this! I wish you and your girl the best. I lost my father to Covid in September, and I'm so tired of how politicized this has become!

  8. Matthew _ says

    Get nae nea'd

  9. Tanya Star says

    You should play genshin it’s relaxing and it doesn’t take a lot of thinking 😊

  10. carl saintfort says

    Hope y’all feel better

  11. Tanya Star says

    Hope you are doing good😊😊

  12. Smileytsc says

    Oh I forgot My hero Academy.

  13. Smileytsc says

    You should check out Sword art online, bleach, Naruto, Baruto, Soul Eater, Monster X Monster, JoJo Adventure

  14. Sensei Jose Rivera says

    Raynday, me and my whole family has been watching since Paladins. We still watch even though we do not play Apex Legends. Your channel has become part of our family time together. My wife, both boys and I, are praying for you guys.
    I haven't read the other comments, but you should watch Fire Force if you haven't already.

  15. Speeding Wheelbarrow says

    dang man your symptoms sound like the last 5 years of my life get better dude

  16. brody hoy says

    stay strong brudda take as much time as possible
    -good luck good night
    we <3 you

  17. Tristan W says

    I hope u get better. Please stay safe and get better. You have helped us so much please get better.

  18. Janimaterful says

    Holdin' for all the best for ya man! Really appreciate your super grounded perspective on the situation and thanks for sharing! You're a solid dude 🙏

  19. NomADoge Gaming says

    Not an anime but The Boys is my favorite show ever and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good short banger, my grandma's high risk so we are trying our best to follow all the guidlines. My prayers go out to you stay safe Raynday.

  20. InclineGamer -_- says

    I thought it was just me when I couldn't remember what I was going to say

  21. richard mcbean says

    Never give up never stop gaming and i'll see you in your next video; get better soon

    Recommendations anime

    Action: birdy the mighty, redline

    Adventure: spice and wolf, moribito sprite of the guardian

    Romance: mysterious girlfriend X, kaguya sama love is war

    Slice of life: miss kobayashi's dragon maid, hyouka

    Comdey: Bourfori, nichijou

    Thriller/drama: classroom of the elite, death note

    Recommendations manga

    Action: green worldz, the gamer

    Romance: girls of wildz, nana to kaoru

    Slice of life: skilled teaser takagi,

    Comedy: seitokai yakuindomo,

    Thriller/drama: nozoki ana, twilight of the golden witch

    Honorable mentions
    Claymore – anime, continues in the manga
    Deadman wonderland – anime, continues in the manga
    Gunslinger girl – anime, continues in the manga
    Ga rei zero – anime, continues in the manga
    Ben To – anime
    Heaven's lost property – anime, continues in the manga

  22. Hollie Crowell says

    Yo be safe

  23. Moot Bassoon says

    Praying for you Buddy stay home and stay safe this will pass soon

  24. galaxy514 says

    "The Boyz" on Amazon Prime. it's a bit graphic (blood and guts) at times, but the story is great. 2 seasons 10 episodes each so it will help you keep busy.
    best of luck with a full recovery for you both!!

  25. Nokta says

    Watch The Expanse on Amazon Prime. Will keep you busy for sure, best sci-fi show right now 😀 Corona is nasty man, heal up and take care <3

  26. Zion Hal says

    hope you get well got bless you

  27. Lethal Peaches says

    Stay safe bro…just remember a mask and distance doesn’t make us immune to the virus…this shit sucks man! There is no escaping it, I had it in NOV 2019…but at that time…it wasn’t yet diagnosed, but my Dr has now said it was 98% sure it was Covid…since then…I havnt gotten it…and yet I work for USPS! It will get better my friend, stay strong and fight fight fight…rest rest rest but don’t be lazy, get up and love around, it will attack when your still!

  28. Logical19 says

    hey bro. i appreciate the update. im glad youre doing okay right now. rest up and relax yourself bro. till you come back! Much love bro

  29. Delonta Shields Sr. says

    Eat plenty of fruit and drink lots of water my guy. Get u some Irish Sea moss too

  30. Christopher Edward says

    You know this covid 19 has 99.9 survival rate.

  31. Sheila M says

    Schitt's Creek is such a good show. 🙂 i loved it. Check out Community if you haven't seen it yet. Praying for a speedy recovery for you and your girlfriend!

  32. SWAZYG says

    So I’m switching to PC soon from playing Apex on PS4 but I’m going to get reset since cross progression is not a thing got any tips or something…anybody

  33. Owen Johnson says

    yo, what's up man hope you get better soon if you've watched SAO and thought the last 2 seasons were kinda trash I can agree but season 4 just came out on Netflix, and it's actually really good. If you haven't seen Sword Art Online it's a really good anime and I highly recommend It. Stay safe!

  34. freddie freddie says

    I hope i can plz plz get pick for the give away

  35. Davis Lund says

    play "what remains of edith finch" i know it is on ps4 it might be on other systems. it's a nice contemporary game

  36. Davis Lund says

    my sister described when she got it at random as if there were a fog over her brain

  37. Gideon Larbi says

    Rayn, I know this is hard trust me I know. I myself tested positive last month and it was devastating. But I say to you Rayn you will recover! My test results came in about a week ago, it was negative. You will recover from this. This one will pass man. Take time to heal your mind. Stay safe, and always remember what you tell us, Never Give Up, Never Stop Gaming!! Youll get through this.

  38. Jay Mason says

    The thing I really like about Raynday is that he's just a positive guy, both pertaining to gaming and otherwise. Best wishes and my thoughts are with you and your's 100 percent, Ray! I'm sure you've got this :}

  39. Ollie Smith says

    Keep a positive mindset brotha, love ya! God Bless

  40. Dillon Vincent says

    Get well soon.

  41. Ryu, Risen Fox of the Abyss says

    Try out Genshin Impact and watch BNA: Brand New Animal

  42. Nicholas Sadler says

    Will be praying for a quick recovery for you and your girlfriend. Keep up the hard work and may God keep blessing you and your career.

  43. Rage More Nerd says

    Stay safe, stay healthy yo, hoping for a fast recovery.

    As for a recommendation, if you haven't played Ori and the Blind Forest and Will of the Wisps, they're incredible games worth trying out.

  44. PatekPhillipe says

    Prayers out for you, for games to play if you haven’t already play Horizon Zero Dawn on Pc

  45. Zen Ben says

    Superstore on hulu is really funny! Like the office or parks and rec but in a Walmart

  46. kiran maharaj says

    all the best to you and your girlfriend man. most important is to stay safe and healthy

  47. Derrick Cox says

    Wishing you and your girl the best get well soon 🙏 God bless

  48. IG0tY0ur6ix says

    Could be a false positive, those have been about 80% of the “positive” tests

  49. Steven Gonzales says

    Stay safe my good man! So sorry for you and your significant other!! Heal up and take care of yourselves!!

    As for content, hands down, watch my all time favorite anime….Akira! If you haven’t seen it already!! Absolutely the best! 😎🤘🏻

  50. just_some_water_with_A_gun _ says

    Hope you get better soon

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