Musical Rainbow Six Siege Moments


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Friends in the vid (hopefully I got them all)

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Outro Song:
Another Universe (Instrumental) – Tomas Skyldeberg

  1. Remington says

    8:58 sounds like poofesure

  2. Devin Kovach says

    I put a sound loop on the first 5 seconds and use it to fall asleep

  3. Noah Dip says

    I clicked on the video and it was on 4:20

  4. HubbleUncle says

    You know, for an amazing guitarist you have to be good with your fingers, so why can't Dooo play Siege

  5. claire says


  6. Ocean Waves says

    Wheres ya discord link doo?

  7. Dave Crupel says

    6:05 HEY! I want to see that outcome!

  8. coleman Romans says

    4:42 we're married now

  9. SALTYi says

    At 7:12 I was head banging

  10. Rudi Mouton says

    CHUNGUS! Nic Nasty! IT NASTY!

  11. Rudi Mouton says

    He didnt 'DOOO" Nothing xd!

  12. Punk Funk Yeah Studios says

    6:56 lol

  13. BoydBoy52 says

    6:13 this sounds like the police sirens that raided my house and found the kids in my basement

  14. Peace Tea says

    Attack on titan tho-

  15. Gavin L. says

    3:51 i cracked up

  16. shark lover life says

    9:30 he should say hey girl you like mountain dew cuz you can do the doo

  17. Bruce DeBow says

    big joke here…you ask your girl friend for something to eat and she says you can eat me and say i am allergic to fish

  18. MeefThePotao -_- says


  19. Decklan rides says

    Dose anyone know the song he was playing at the beginning??

  20. E4SY ATOMIC says

    I drank water during the richardo joke and I almost died from drowning in my bottle

  21. Rapid Ace says

    Ive seen this so many times but it never gets old

  22. code name awful says

    Hey dooo if I payed you would you teach me how to play guitar

  23. Ya Boi says

    So I'm watching this while slightly constipated on the toilet. Windows shutdown theme played and I immediately projectile shat into the bowl. 10/10 thedooo best laxative tnx fam

  24. ROARtheRAPPER says

    I don’t know but “the meanies were beaten” is kinda fire 🤣

  25. ROARtheRAPPER says

    The amount of work put into the “nuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnope!” was crazy!

  26. Xander williams nightmare says

    6 ft in the ground more like part my parents in the ground

  27. Abel Vasquez says

    5:47 don’t worry my name is Abel

  28. Kostas Ts says

    One of the few channels that haven't gone family friendly…. RESPECT MY BOIII

  29. jackeznee goi says

    One singular "OOP"

  30. Collin Belshee says

    I like how Dooo is just playing guitar for his friends like that, it seems rare to just hang out like that and listen, just to enjoy the moment❣️

  31. N1CEBullet says

    ice cream truck but for adults

  32. Christopher Nunez says

    Doo should make a extended version of the guitar instrumental at the beginning No music just straight chords. Blow this up so he does

  33. Daniel Gerenko says

    2:16 typical Magik Mike's video

  34. Abel Villa says

    What was that song at the beginning

  35. J Nort says

    8:58 sounds like the guy from looney tunes

  36. Mr Jacket says

    At 9:16 rewind ten seconds

  37. Mindless_ Fate says

    Tell me how i started to watch the video and it started a raid shadow legends video. Then after the ad was done, ANOTHER RAID SHADOW LEGENDS AD POPS UP. send halp

  38. ngiles 06 says

    He has a atomatone, I just noticed it now 6:15

  39. debido 41 says

    imagine if doo got copyright claimed for thunderstruck

  40. Furious Storm says

    Wait a min the first clip doo is at the top of the leader board???

  41. Corgi GamingYT24 says

    Dooo you guys like my new hair dooo

  42. Kam Jergenson says

    I feel like the dooo plays to much guitar when he plays seige

  43. Jack Bankson says

    grizzy's guest apearance on AmmoNYC's clean and protect

  44. Lantern Gamer says

    9:50 a kind of buffet yes.

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