Music Producer Reacts: Rules of Nature (Metal Gear Rising OST)


My React & Analysis of Rules Of Nature from the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance OST, as a Professional Music Producer!
This song blew my mind years ago when I played the game, and hasn’t stopped doing ever since.
Let’s talk about the music theory behind Jamie Christopherson and Jason V Miller’s insane collaboration: RULES OF NATURE!
Game: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Composer: Jamie Christopherson
Vocals by: Jason Charles Miller (@Jason Charles Miller )
Background Music: Metal Gear Main Theme (LoFi Chill Remix by Alex Moukala)
Songs I referenced in the video:
– Periphery – Blood Eagle
– Eiffel 65 – I’m Blue
– Celldweller – Unshakeable

  1. Alex Moukala Music says

    Missed you guys!Been taking a break for a week after the FF7 Remake Top 10 video (that one wrecked me with work).Then I got a bit busy with other things for the days after that, but finally I managed to shoot this reaction to this amazing song.Quite frankly, there's plenty more to tell about this track but I always want to keep videos as concise as possible (or at least, I try!).Hope you'll discover something cool through this one.

  2. Edgeworth says

    Now i want pizza

  3. hparkinson59 says

    Fun music challenge that's way harder than it sounds for anyone out there who's interested – play a random song from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence or Shadow the Hedgehog to someone and make them guess with one.

  4. TornadoWhirl33 says

    Please react to one of the older Devil May Cry songs (Divine Hate, Taste the Blood, Sworn through Swords, etc.) if you can.

  5. TheWonderfulShrimp says

    I think something I love even more in MGRR is that most of the bosses songs except for mainly Ray is that the lyrics generally explain the characters story. For instance, for Mistral it talks about how she was lost and then found herself in Armstrong’s war.

  6. Fuad bahsin says

    I can't believe there is so much contribution by many genius people for this 3 minutes song : Rules Of Nature.. a song that can describe about 1. Cyborg human theme.. 2. An epic fight.. 3. A hunter and the prey.. 4. Adrenaline boost + eargasm.. 5. Hideo Kojima..

  7. Dropkick Works says

    Yeah one of my favorite parts of the entire OST is that all the boss tracks are sung from the bosses point of view. I feel like it's rare to get insight into a boss in that way and it elevated all of the fights to a new level for sure

  8. Kiyobi says

    There's a thing that I think is worth noting, actually! During the first chapter, Rules of Nature starts off as an instrumental until you start doing the QTE that has you parrying Metal Gear Ray's giant ass chainsaw blade, which is when the audio transitions immediately into "RULES OF NATURE!!!!!!11!1".That shit. GOT. ME. PUMPED. SO HARD! that I almost just quit the demo immediately to buy the game. (I bought it like the day after)The vocals really punctuated that moment in the game, and earned our love for this game's soundtrack almost immediately. I really think the timing of the song with this very particular moment is understated why we all love MGR so much.

  9. Zezin Do Paraguai says

    My guy can you make a react to Yakuza 0 pledge of demon(kuze theme)?

  10. Jay Lynxx says

    I love this game and the soundtrack a ton, and honestly it's great to see that people talk about how the soundtrack talks about the game and it's world/characters.

  11. phamgamgam nguyengangam Channel says

    pewdiepie minecraft playlist

  12. Chuck says

    non sapevo che fossi italiano 😯

  13. Elijah Cabrido says

    What program do you use for breakdonwing songs?

  14. TheKrispiestKreme says

    I kinda wish you did ‘only thing I know for real’ but I understand that rules of nature is like literally the iconic track from this game

  15. Phillip Redgrave says

    I don't know the first thing about music, but your breakdowns are done with such passion and knowledge that they're amazing to watch! Would you do music from the Halo franchise? I loved the songs from that growing up and I'd love to see your take on em!

  16. Regie Espinosa Eredillas says

    i freaking love that moment too man.

  17. Liam Catterson says

    That beat where he lifted the arm of RAY and the beats came in. That's when I knew this was my favourite piece of music of all time. Overwhelmed with emotions

  18. NeoGamma says

    Please do monsoon's theme!!!

  19. Carlos Souza says

    Wait, you're Italian?

  20. Mauricio Villagran says

    More Metal gear pls

  21. Venom Raiden says

    super cool 🤘🤘🤘

  22. Emdy says

    " an italian kid" ed io che mi incasinavo a scriverti commenti in inglese x_x Continua così man!

  23. Lumione says

    Hi there AlexI've finished Code Vein 4 times and each time when I've heard a certain song I couldn't do anything than just putting away controller and listening to it.It's called "Requiem: Tranquility and Light"Oh and you also should listen to some of Shiro Sagisu songs (for example "Cometh the hour"), he's just awesome

  24. Ryuzaki Hideki says

    An analysis/react to Me!Me!Me! by Teddyloid would be very interesting

  25. Wojtek K says

    Could you please do reaction/analysis of "Metal Gear Solid 4 OST: Metal Gear Saga". It sounds legendary and I know you wouldn't be disappointed.

  26. Decoy Gold says

    Amazing videos! I was wondering if you made any tutorials on how to produce or remake these songs? Also I was wondering if you knew of any electric guitar plugin that you would recommend

  27. Elijah Cabrido says

    This song was like 2000s last stand and its a game music that tells machine and humans might not be or will they be merged together

  28. Eye says

    Hey Alex I was wondering if you will give more private lessons in the future ? Looking forward to your new videos !

  29. Love Machine says

    I really would like you to talk about xenoblade chronicles X music. Alot of people talk shit about the game having shit music. yeah its super cheesy but that is the good part.Even if you dislike it i would love to hear a professionals opinion. The songs i would recommend is Black tar, Incontrollable and Sylvalum Day and Night (because i adore the build up for the night theme)

  30. Jose Ernesto Pichardo Zavala says

    I'm amazed that people just recently started to notice the MGR ost, ive been rocking it since i played it (so many years ago that i dont even remember)

  31. Magnum Opus says

    holy shit! is all that in the background of the song!? damn….no wonder i want to go beast mode every time i hear rules of nature.

  32. Monkeytailz says

    I think it would be pretty cool if you did Yasha’s theme from Asura’s Wrath. I loved how his theme is whistle-blowing.

  33. The Accursed Hunter01 says

    I'd love to see your analysis of Metroid music.

  34. Khaar says

    Super surprised you made a video about MGR 😀 love your vids man!

  35. VeylmanTheRock says

    I suggest diving into the Asura's Wrath Soundtrack. There's some bomb ass stuff there!

  36. Biron Budokai says

    Really love your passion about these. You make me understand music more and appreciate it more.

  37. camendiv says

    A classic song from a silly, shamelessly over the top game that is an absolute pleasure to play. Nice.Can I make a request for a review of Lightning Grandpa's theme?

  38. Matthew Nguyen says

    1:08 For some reason, I can almost hear Woolie's voice, the former member of the Zaibatsu. Ah, those were the times…

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