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  1. खबर रहस्य Khabar Rahasya says

    आप्ने ये mistake कर्दी कि मुझे तुमारा teligram पर writting restrick कर्दिया ।इसलिए मेने तुमारा teligram channel को report कर्दी और teligram के तर्फ से मुझे massege आया कि तुमारा channel कुच दिन मे बन हो जायेगा । My Report : This channel exchanges hacks that affect syber security. We therefore request teligram to close this channel.

  2. Ramu Josawara says

    Koi solution do plzzz bro

  3. Ramu Josawara says

    Bro app not parches dikha raha hai

  4. MW 0018 says

    Id ban ho gae

  5. Sunil Mer says

    Install karte hi password mangata hai

  6. Sunil Mer says

    I'm about 20 minutes

  7. bhanu prakash says

    Is it works with only 32bit

  8. GOLD X GAMER says


  9. ravi kumar says

    Ban de rha hai bro vpn use krne ke baad bhi

  10. Makwana Vishu says

    Do bhaiK. varjen ka hack sijen 15 ka……

  11. marwan mohamad says

    Where is the password?

  12. Abdulwahid Shah says

    Password kya he bhai

  13. rabar Xabaty says

    pass file

  14. rabar Xabaty says

    plies pass

  15. Pradip Tembhurkar says

    Ban lg rha h

  16. Sonara Ansh says

    Song ka name kya hai kr kab anewala hai😑😑🤔


    KR BRO

  18. Nasir Magray says

    Bro wa downloading 1-b dikhata hai…us k kya matlab

  19. SUNNY Raj says


  20. Clashing Gamer says

    Pubg ka masterpiecegaming ka dono ka apas me 36 ka akada hai login karte hi ban dedega

  21. Hype I Hype says

    Gobal or kr

  22. Hype I Hype says

    Bai ban hoga

  23. Mohd Mosim says

    Bhai mere me to file hi kam nhai kar rahi plz help

  24. Rishi Rathod says

    op bhai…❤️

  25. Clashing Gamer says


  26. खबर रहस्य Khabar Rahasya says

    Ye masterpirce ka nahi hey

  27. Mohd Mosim says

    Hello bhai I'm H4X Bolbokar

  28. Rahil gaming says

    Updated wala hack hai

  29. खबर रहस्य Khabar Rahasya says

    kr versiom ka de do

  30. VinDieselYT Gaming says


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