1. Cyclone Music X says

    I got so lucky I preorder mine when I did cuz I got the collectors edition ONE DAY before they sold out. So hyped.

  2. ExtinctionSq says

    Damm, a delay will always saddens me but having a top quality complete game is a sacrifice im willing to me.

  3. Dreaded Gamer says

    Man I don't care, all i know is that this game is gonna be el fuego

  4. Noah Garcia says

    Hi as we wait for Rise, are you curious on what monsters are the best in World/Iceborne? Well to find out, I decided to hold a poll that rates every base monster from World/Iceborne. I’m currently sending this poll to every social media that does MH content and it will be up until December. So let’s see who’s the best monster and who’s the worst. Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeL2GiAuDDs01GG30Qcjx7YPRxt2ZJHG723zgoPpInCCUzhqQ/viewform

  5. Nargacuga With wifi says

    The preprder is 69.99 nice

  6. JaceHusky says

    wait, they expect it to sell as a switch exclusive as well as a game that was on pc, ps and xbox? talk about ambitious goals..

  7. Vivid Philosopher says

    Alot of people didn't fully understand the video..

    The game will still launch on March 26, 2021.. So no need to worry.

  8. Thatboikhy says

    This is smart. In comparison to how Cyberpunk was in terms of delays, this is WAY better. There's a possibility that MHR could be delayed further but the fact that they waited until they were at a alright state to announce the game, release date and roll out pre-orders was a greater move because it didn't keep us waiting. While Cyberpunk kept getting delay after delay to the point where they don't even have the Dec 10th date on their profile anymore. Updates for games are important but the way the monster hunter team did it was 100% better In my opinion

  9. TigerRace says

    621 after 5 hrs and 69th like

  10. Meme Man For Smash! says

    I hope it still comes out in March and doesn't get delayed anymore because March is my birthday month and I want it for my birthday. Looks like a really good game tho and i'm hapy that there are no loading times but I hope the switch can handle it well and not overheat.

  11. Beverly Carter DX / Rowan says

    But that’s sad For Capcom Fans I Think it’s Possible that Monster Hunter Rise because of The Panedmic For 2021 I think it’s Possible we can get A Release Date Announcement coming In April & May + With New Characters In The game.

  12. Mitch Guzman says

    Still hyped, even though it got delayed

  13. Michelle Tackett says

    MHR will be huge.

  14. Hmm Man says


  15. Westley Baker says

    Very excited for this game

    I'm a huge fan of the series.
    Hopefully I'll bump into some of you online when it's out 🙂

  16. David Newbon says

    I mean, more development time isn't a bad thing. I'm definitely looking out for this game

  17. Frozen gamer says

    Not too long boys.

  18. Every Thing says

    i’m confused they announced it for march 26 so how is it delayed

  19. Ryan 206 says

    Nah nah, I definitely think this is because of the switch pro.

  20. Alexander Nicolas Micheli says


  21. Bobby Dazzler says

    This was the news I didnt want! I'm looking forward to this game brothers

  22. MarioMaster 101 says

    At first I thought it said Monster Hunten and thought it was a spinoff

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