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Mongolia is an incredible Asian country. Let’s start from the capital Ulaanbaatar and admire its amazing natural scenery and extraordinary cities from north to south, everyone will be shocked! This is the best destination for Mongolia travel guide and free travel, you can easily understand Mongolia and broaden horizons.


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  1. Broaden horizons says

    This is the folk version of Mongolian state propaganda. If you save time in understanding the world. Please like us and share with your good friends! Thank you!

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    Nice video…super

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    I am Cambodian, I want to have one Mongolian girl to be my wife.

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    Superb, popor,, dintr – o bucata " Sunt fericiti, e foarte important acest capitol!🙏

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  10. Sk.sirajul Haque says

    চেঙ্গিসখান মোঙ্গলদের গর্বনয় ও ছিলঅভিসপ্ত, ওর নাম মুখে নিলে থূথূফেলতে হয়।খুনহত‍্যা সংহার ধ্বংসের ফথিক ছিল।এই জন্য মোঙ্গলিয়ার নাম কেউ উচ্চারণ করে না।

  11. Vignesh Samy says

    yes dont use Chience letter s. mongolia is not chinese version. its deferent from chinese comunist version

  12. rajujuvantus juvantus says

    Nice place

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  16. javad mogadam says

    زنده باد مغولستان .

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  20. 陳良銘 says

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  21. AKI1982 says

    The Great Plains of Mongolia is amazing☆彡2:56 How did such a big rock get on~

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  23. Nuh Demirel says

    1988yilinda gençler dünya güreş şampiyonluk için Ulanbatur a gitmiş tim çok gelişmiş lik gördüm.

  24. Langa Yeptho says

    Mongolia us a world of great Reason. Great history,great Mongols. Thanks for the update.

  25. rameshbabu meda says

    So nice video

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