Mombasa is such an a amazing place! This is a 2 min 30 secs video of my travel experience in Mombasa.
#placestovisitinmombasa #thingstodoinmombasa
It comprises of:
Mombasa Town
Jahazi Coffee House
Mubin Cafe
Nightlife – New year beach party (Moonshine bar)

  1. Brian Kimani says

    Habari! My safaribuddies! As always, thank you and I hope you enjoy this video 😎👊

  2. Benson Mbugua says

    Awesome video man.. I've always loved visiting Mombasa.. County 001. The video makes me look forward to all the places you've highlited.

  3. Njoroz Mozes says

    Hi wud lk to know about affordable vacation places in masaa, eg hotel's.

  4. African Child says


  5. Isaac Muraya says

    awesome sound design and visuals

  6. Juliet Wairimu says

    such an amazing job. All 2 minutes of it! quick one – what is the name & location of the last food place you highlighted with the mishikakis?

  7. Wakio Kanyi says

    Greaaat Guy!!! & the editing you guyyyys!! Damn🎤📽️

  8. sugarbanana says

    your vlogs make me want to visit kenya someday

  9. monicah kasyoki says

    The editing is dope

  10. monicah kasyoki says

    Aye Brian you're getting better

  11. beccabeast says

    Love your footage! Can’t wait to go to Mombasa!!

  12. Alex Masila says

    Short but Fantastic.

  13. Evelyn From The Internets says

    Ok sound design!! Love the way you edited this!

  14. Rose Tom says

    Let me know when you are in Nairobi we do a collabo….love your videos 😊😊

  15. Wanjiru Ninah says

    This video includes some of your most amazing videos… manage to show the magical side of Mombasa! Welcome back btw, it's been a while

  16. Sharifa Hassan says

    Oh well its been 1 and a half years !

  17. Grace Ndiege says

    All the best 😋

  18. Nics Nics says

    Wow amazing rafiki

  19. Roman Kinyanjui says

    I like your videos keep posting , so much to learn , natafta kazi ya video editing priss to all reading comments

  20. Mae Hovland says

    I want to go so bad now!!

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