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Here’s one of my favorite shots I animated during moana @disneyanimation 🎶 What’s the lesson, what is the takeaway🎶 The lesson and takeaway on this shot is that every department, all the way from storyboards to final lighting are trying to support the story and plus the shot as it moves down the pipeline.
Over a dozen people could work on a shot like this, here I’ve included storyboards, thumbnails, animation blocking, animation on 1’s, polished animation, technical animation and final lighting. My focus on the shot was animation and clarity in 45 frames.
Having Maui enter frame, clearly grab the bat, transform it into a basketball all the while having clarity on Maui singing and moving to the beat. It’s hard to believe all the talent, blood, sweat and tears that go into making a 2 second shot the best it can be, teamwork at its best
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  1. Sebas Romero says

    I absolutely loved every frame of this shot! Tried to study it on my free time when I saw Trent’s Moana reel

  2. Tyler McNamer says

    Forty five frames! It looks so simple but a lot of hard work has been put into something like this two second shot.

  3. CantreeLooz Animation says

    Почему мне страшно когда я смотрю на раскадровку

  4. gamer Dust says

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  5. Joseph Carrigan says


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