1. Daymon Kush X says

    Épico mano =D

  2. Majesty Uber Red says

    Oh boy, you've been warned, Alia.

  3. Zettrix says

    Meu som favorito! Ficou maravilhoso igual o tema do Vile.

  4. Carlos Henrique Barbosa da Silva says

    Trilha sonora legal

  5. 孫其暐 says

    Please, let him be damageable by buster like the Tweak mod can do. That's all I am asking.

  6. Bersek says

    I love the music

  7. Mavericks Hunters says

    Terá outros viloes clássicos também ?

  8. Wallace Souza says

    Qual engine você usa?
    Construct? Game Maker?

  9. Franco Sandri says

    Ta épica 🙂

  10. Lynk Shenning says

    woah what!? Gate will appear?!

  11. X says

    Loving this remix! Keep up the great work!

  12. ralsei e.c.o says

    Yo, this song is really good.

  13. Ultra Crystal says

    A alguien más le gusta la música de la snes que cualquier otra consola?

  14. Javier S says

    AWW MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dheynos says

    Brabo dms

  16. ShadowCTM says

    it sounds very good


    tomara q a batalha dele nao seja tao chata igual a do x6 XD

  18. Roberto Alvarado De León says


  19. Data Stalk says


  20. Mark Rodriguez says

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