1. Antney Fatts says

    What was the Spanish song?

  2. Original George says

    Hey whats up? I had to take a second to show you props on your energy. I dont normally pass a lot of time on youtube but its always a fantastic thing when you bump by quality posts. Ive been pushing to make my material recently so ive been taking more time to link up with folk and hope i can get the same love! Much appreciated!

  3. Fubbick says

    Forgot about the techno playlist on their own OST smh lol

  4. noe garcia says

    midnight club 3 remix best game ever👌👌👌

  5. KS033 says

    que batidao

  6. The Slak says

    I loved this game

  7. SJ Mikey P says

    whats your fav song reply back to me

  8. Nicholas Sodre says

    do you know how to put your own music in this game

  9. CraznAsian says

    you forgot about techno…..

  10. Richard Lagomarsino says

    dat song im listining to is cool

  11. Buggati Veyron says

    Imma try the PSP thing…

  12. brayan gonzalez says

    Los angeles xo

  13. Hamza Rc says

    I just want to say you NICE VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Alex says

    a new midnight club must release!!!

  15. zyad aloteepe says

    u right


    thank 🙂

  17. carlos balderas says

    i miss this game

  18. sghnd says

    it will be greet if this track is theme song in GTA V

  19. carlos balderas says

    deadmau5 at 1:31

  20. jose ganjah says

    you cant put it on ps3

  21. Toffan says

    Gliss – Blue sky at 0:41 in the middel

  22. Collection Zero Garage says

    the name of this music is PUT ON ……..

  23. luis leonardo alvarez armendariz says

    awesome tanks man are you fuckin awesomeeeeeeee

  24. andrew ruiz says

    hero aany one?? i think its in Rap or Hip hop Or WC rap

  25. 44alexandra44 says

    jaaador cette vidéo <3

  26. Alex says

    how is the name of the videos song

  27. McLovinMcNugget says

    Young Maylay – You Ain't Uh & Statik Selektah – Rollin' Down The Freeway are the 2 best song in the game.

  28. LilRanDy920 says

    whats that one song called? rollin down the freeway?

  29. Bushido Cobra says

    thumbs 4 stompbox

  30. Bushido Cobra says

    thumbs 4 boom box

  31. kais679 says


  32. kais679 says

    could some1 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how to upload music on this game plzz tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  33. DoolaCiity says

    @iamgucci101 dude yu forgot one song its by dataworx focus

  34. Nomnom Beans says

    whats the song that says girls girls everyday from paris to london to the USA!?

  35. Sylvia Miranda says

    whats the south central trailer song called

  36. Vlad Belov says

    @XxronaldoguxX err…it says MUSIC in the title – techno is not music, it's shit

  37. musicandlife1 says

    @greeny987 ALEX GOPHER-DUST

  38. musicandlife1 says

    @greeny987 ALEX GOPHER-DUST

  39. Notorious Swagg says

    @barbiebunny14 put on young jeezy

  40. PunzWilWin says

    o_o hay.. whats the first song when u first play.

  41. Don Joey says

    i just watched this video to know a song[akwid no hay manera]

  42. Dean Afi says

    does anyone know the title for the song for when you're in the menu ? /: i cant find it,its a techno song. (not the theme song). sigh. thanks

  43. Whatuneed29 says

    @JZimmzyyTutorials put on – young jeezy 😉

  44. Dylan Rose says

    you forgot sexy bitch!

  45. Tao says

    wassup rules

  46. Lo says

    the description du u think it works..

  47. Lo says

    the descriptio du u think it works..

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