1. Ap123 says

    the world ain't ready for dembouz

  2. vivek rakshit says

    As a top top professional I think his Performance won't be swayed by emotions. He will still be world class next season

  3. jacky chan says


  4. Pynshngain Lyngdoh says

    Club need a new defender..

  5. TangLung LUNG says

    At barca they are not allowed to be bigger than 1m74

  6. Ghostface ;-; says

    I feel so bad for him 😞 , he deserves to leave 😡 bartomeuOUT!

  7. TV Charli says

    How come there's no red carpet

  8. Anish N R says


  9. Paperfilia Collectibles says

    He get a pay raise

  10. Muhammad Harith Asyraf Bin Ridzuan says

    Dont hate Bartomeu so seriously he know what he do,Pjanic on,Messi stay,Coutinho comeback, wow he know what he do, dont judge people at outside but inside #Happines#Messi smiling is barca happiness

  11. Sibo Niso says

    Messi is a simp. Do think Ronaldo would let a club bully him like that? He sent his Father instead of his lawyers.

  12. Tate Whitney says

    Legendary midfielder?

  13. Anak Kecil says

    COUNTINHO The Next Number 10

  14. Jan Rey Abuan says

    Bartomeu FORCED Messi to smile just to show to the people that "He is happy to stay in FC Barcelona".

  15. SoZo says

    smiles despite rain??????…why does rain cause depression or something???

  16. Ehsan Alodat says

    Coutinho practicing to score the 9th & 10th goals 😂😂

  17. Realistic Person says

    He never hates the club, infact he said he loves Barcelona so much. He just hates the current management.

  18. F T says

    LOSER LOSE 2-8 😂😂😂

  19. Paolo Legaspi says

    all smiles cus hes leaving nex year

  20. alang parker says

    Hope when his contract end , he goes to juventus, and we all can enjoy a rival of the century change to a duo of the century.. messi and ronaldo is always the goat 🐐 #respect

  21. Alan Resendiz says

    Is it me or coutinho is the only one with thick legs 😂

  22. Clandestine Abesh says

    Wait what! The legendary mid fielder?!!?

  23. isco viA says

    Why not? it is his home. But bad guardian

  24. fOoTball WorLD UpDaTes says


  25. Star Crossed says

    Messi : smileBein sports : lets make a content about him

  26. Arbert Kream says

    The GOAT 🐐

  27. Willi Bald says

    Coutinho has now the best body in the team thx to the hard work at Bayern. Do you think he missed the great friendship and mood at Bayern? And the fact that not everything is made just so Messi can score 🤣

  28. brasherly bbm says

    WOW https://youtu.be/cITpknjxQHg

  29. Albert Osei says

    It usually feels great to train when it's raining

  30. Nino 31 says

    What fucking bridge?

  31. high life says

    Messi in smiles because God Coutinho is back

  32. Urban Pendu says

    He is not a midfielder 😂😂😂 why did you wrote 'legendary midfielder' in description because we all know he is a forward man.

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