1. Sudarshan Singh says

    Excellent effort

  2. Mohd Shahbaz says

    https://youtu.be/Vi12JpUX92E for metal strees se nikalne ke liye laughing 😂😂😂😂

  3. Hasan Öztürk says

    Premiere9053483457229premierl h e o

  4. Nitesh Patel says

    We need more awareness about Mental Health. A person suffering from mental health issues himself does not know about it. During last 3 months I lived alone now I came my home and feeling relaxed and all my mental health issues are gone.

  5. Dave McKenzie says

    BRAVO !!!👌🏾😊👏👍🙏

  6. LK THONGAM says


  7. Manjunath AB says

    Very insightful

  8. Jay Hind Jay Bharat says

    Thank you

  9. Roshan Iaas says

    When will you end lockdown those who are not like lockdown like 👇👍

  10. Vijay Gundaniya says


  11. Ashok kumar says


  12. preeti srivastava says


  13. ajay gupta says


  14. Mukesh Mehra says

    बाबा साहेब कोपरेटिव सोसाईटि कि ओर से आप सभी को निवेदन है कि कोरोनावायरस से अपने आप को बचाना है मास्क लगाएं और अपने हाथ को साबुन से धोते रहें जय भीम जय संविधान


    ministry of health and family welfare135 crores population with corona virus test DNA test also should be done. narko test bhi karo sach ugalvane ke liye. google it and know the human behavior.

  16. ab.manjula ab.manjula says

    #postpone NEET JEE SEPTEMBER


    private sectors companies, public sectors companies, government sector companies or state and central governments should provide rooms with quality food and water.companies should provide bachlore rooms for bachlore.companies should provide rooms for staff members.companies should provide rooms for workers.companies should provide rooms for daily labour base.companies should provide rooms for contract base jobs.companies should provide rooms for all types of jobs.who are from other states and constituency. To avoide from danga, terrorism, antakvadh, criminal people. who are not thinging good for society and bharth, hindustan, india.Nation wide it should be implemented by pm and cm of all 28 states. remember constituency. To avoide mental health.if danga occurs companies and their employees with outsiders(other states) and with political parties are responsible. ek ka bhi nakuri nahi jana chaiye bina vajha.

  18. Niharika Singh says

    This is fantastic

  19. Stuart Little says

    The country which spends more on Defense than Health

  20. technical jio0o says


  21. Rajesh Pimpale says

    Hey! That's my sir ! Allen Sir!

  22. Madhu Thakur says


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