Mental Health in Powerlifting


what’s up guys, today I’m talking about mental health. Delving into my own mental health dealing with anxiety, depression and how that relates to powerlifting. Let me know in the comments down below if anything I have said relates to you guys out there, thanks for watching!


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  1. getstrongby40 says

    Anxiety is all in your head, you don't need therapy you just had to be comfortable with yourself and just think fuck everybody elses opinions

  2. Richard Nguyen says

    Congrats on opening, Mike! If it was in San Diego instead I would drop in lol.

  3. onlydeadlift says

    Sup Mike, i see gym is progressing nicely, i hope everything "works out" perfectly for you guys.
    I intend to open my own in future, want to start off in literal garage with office room above

  4. Jason says

    I'm glad you're bringing up the issue of mental health, especially during these trying times. It's nice to be reminded I'm not alone in this. When in the midst of dark periods, I worry about being stuck in that mood forever. Basic tasks like just sitting up on bed or eating feel monumental. Therapy and working out definitely keeps my mood more stable and disciplined in other aspects of my life. During this lockdown, I've been the most emaciated, weak, sleep deprived, malnourished, depressed, and hopeless I've been in a long time. I finally joined a gym last Monday after an 8-month hiatus. In one singular week, I made strength, body composition, and mental/physical health progress beyond what I thought possible! Depression, extreme slothfulness, low appetite, anxiety, and desire to binge drink all evaporated after my first gym session, and the post-workout highs were orgasmic!

    Unfortunately, governor Kate Brown instituted a statewide freeze that includes gyms being closed for 4 weeks in my county effective today. It's back to boring calisthenics and hopefully I won't regress back to my depressed slothful self. I know churches are allowed to have 25 people indoors during this freeze. Is it too late for a gym to reclassify as a church? Is your gym open or has CA or Sacramento forced gyms to remain closed?

  5. Manny Alvarez says

    I was gonna give this a 👎🏽cause it's too fucking depressing, then Fat Dan came on and saved the day.

  6. Decentralized Drew says

    Love it

  7. Joshua Ray says

    On behalf of mental health workers who work with psychiatric patients who are forensics or mental health board commitments…. mental health isn’t a trend…. you don’t have anxiety and depression because it’s a popular trend, those are real medical diagnoses, because you see a therapist who gives you .5 mils of Ativan or some other weak dosage “anti depressant” doesn’t mean you’re a victim of real mental health disorder. Depression is real, not just being sad sometimes.

  8. Tiger K says

    1 day at a time man! Proud of you, love the vid.

  9. Jon Fernandez says

    Loved this bro. Thank you

  10. Pangit Bear says

    What sucks as a powerlifter is that, our main source of fuel (for most of us), is anger, and rage, and a whole bunch of pent up aggression that we keep in. And for some of us, we always keep that in 24/7 because it’s what drives us to be “a better person/lifter.” I agree that we should get some form of therapy/reach out to someone who is readily available to us. Shit, I need to do that as well.

  11. Tyler Padlina says

    I'm exaxtly the same with anxiety. I appreciate you man

  12. Gio Callejas says

    Mike you brought a lot value into my life even if you dont know me and I appreciate you bro.

  13. Ethan Meyer says

    Sleep has been big for me too! I use to go to the gym at 4am for years getting 5.5 to 6 hours of sleep a night being depressed. Switch to going to nights and its been easy to get 8 to 9 hours and my depression has been cured. I also deleted my facebook and Instagram accounts which helped but sleep was the big one.

  14. Haydn de Quiroz O'Neill says

    The most relatable man in fitness for me thank you for your transparency 💪🏽

  15. bbq seitan says

    One of the things that helps me unwind when my anxiety is high is watching scenes from Cartoons or anime or tv that make me feel emotional
    Lately Haikyuu highlights have been my dopamine rush lol
    We all got our thing

  16. Nancy Pelosi says

    What's going on since we're in Purple tier?

  17. Jakobe7770 says

    Love the video and the vulnerability mike. Too many men have been taught for years to push down and aside when it comes to emotions instead expressing them and ultimately feeling better. I think this new generation of men who are more in tune with themselves and no longer dragged into societal hypermasculinity will end up producing a new breed of more empathetic and caring people.

  18. M.C Zandogg says

    algorithm engagement

  19. A WillLee Good Podcast says

    🙏🏾 this is what i’ve been trying to bring awareness too! let’s keep the conversations going

  20. ikonik boss says

    Hope you're well Mike I know all to well what you mean especially about anxiety and negative thinking and being "reactive" best thing I've done is take life 1 day at a time sounds cliché but thats what helps me Stay Blessed miss your content Hope you're well take care Man

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