Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China S02 Ep. 10


Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China S02 Ep. 10


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  1. خرموزه من عالم الفضاء says
  2. Mimin CSBear says

    4:13 tá em português uai kkkkk?!🇧🇷

  3. • Chxcxlate M*lk • says

    Lol that's Korea not china

  4. Kinysha Akerkar says

    Her legs!😳😮😯😲

    Do all men record girls on the road Huh?

  5. رهف حسين says

    I vo to 😍😍😍

  6. Tiểu Vy says

    Mặc quần độn đích t nhìn t mệt á

  7. Lucifa Lucifar says

    They are all pretty but one thing scares me is "what they might be eating"
    And one more thing their shoe laces aren't good🤣😂😌🤷‍♀️

  8. Mintu Mintu says

    I love you so much you not this boy

  9. Gülşen Dere says


  10. Ali Lahore says

    Can someone tell me that how to look so slim like these Chinese models?

  11. Serendipity Hiraeth says

    Everyone: (Chinese people are so tall) (Slenderman family) (long legs)

    No one:

    Seven Tan, Shen Yue, Ireine Song:

  12. Miss Dragon224 says

    Ух ты, не девушки, а изящные тростиночки)

  13. naeadh salwab says


  14. Mutiara Anggun says

    Why Chinese girl mostly skinny

  15. Dana Rakhimzhanova says

    Трек на 24 минуте

  16. Salma Rachidi says


  17. Анна Мнацаканян says


  18. Rithu Parna says

    5:36 i really blushed
    Symptoms of being single 😭😭

  19. kafen00 says

    Start using chopsticks, you will soon have legs like those, lol

  20. Ishita Singh says

    Who was the guy at end (like ahn hyo-seop)

  21. كونتيسة الجريئة says

    واش هاذ الطول كي جغالل اشومي😶

  22. Arwa banat says

    Are they really insecure about their height so they use filter for it

  23. Maria Jeme says

    I wish that I also have long leg 🤣🤣🤣🤣 to kick my brother


    These are not Chinies

  25. Hawa Hawa says

    Aku suka filem ini👍👍

  26. taetae forever says

    0:26 0:27 who is he ???😀

  27. Matitha Matit says

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  28. Maximo Isuiza vasquez says

    Son bonitas

  29. jhilik banerjee says

    These are not fitness…these are malnutrition 🙄

  30. Lele Stories says

    Yo veo las mujeres altas de China y yo me siento un bicho porque soy bien chiquita

  31. Ybote236 ybote236 says

    Who know the name of song in 3:05

  32. Megha Bisht says

    How they all are too slim… 🤔

  33. Mina Changmai says

    So cute

  34. Hi. Peeps says


  35. merry_camilla 12 says

    Les gars c'est possible d'être aussi mince?😮😮😮. Qu'est ce qu'ils manges? Ou bien il ne mange pas?Eh!!!! Dieu de la minceur.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. andrew lin says

    my cousin can be so beautiful/elegant

  37. sejall ll says

    6.43 everyone is 👀at the background..😂

  38. Sandhu Thapa says

    Don't they eat they become so think 😂😂😂they should sell their dress and buy some food

  39. Sandra Rios says


  40. Soldado Abatido says

    Infim…..So tem Rosto Bonito Pq o Resto Esqueleto Vara Pau Uma Tabua perna de Bambu

  41. Jacilene felix says


  42. hela Redaelli says

    They are very small 🤔🤔🤔

  43. Luciana Aviles says

    Minuto 8 y 14 el es el de 9 kilómetros de amor el que se enamora de la capitana en el drama al menos eso creo

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