1. volcanoacid says

    la lorona. went back 3 times to make sure i heard it right

  2. Zaldermenia says


  3. JackBauer137 says

    Tenet was an absolute joke of a movie, it had so many problems.

    He does not deserve our money, don't watch it a 2nd time if you didn't it the first time just because you want to like the movie.

  4. Greg Switala says

    Jigsaw + Shawn = JigShawn

  5. Krillinish2 says

    Orange County theaters are open. Saw Tenet at AMC Orange 30. (Dialogue was still hard to hear)

  6. Gintori says

    wow i couldnt tell that derek wasnt there

  7. Oneaphelion says

    1. Interstellar
    2. Inception
    3. DKR?
    Last is Dunkirk

  8. xxpauloxx31 says

    Why are YouTube censoring curse words even in automatic captions now? Makes no sense.

  9. Steve Rudzinski says

    Hearing Rocco enjoy and like what the Fast & Furious franchise is and how organic it got to this point made me legitimately happy.

    Can't wait for Rocco to watch 7, because if you're still all in on the franchise by that point 7 is PHENOMENAL.

    8 is also good it just can't live up to how great 7 was.

  10. Destante says

    I still don't get the confusion with the two Xbox consoles. I thought it was straightforward enough to have a stronger one and a weaker one.

  11. Emin says

    Yo guys, just wanted to share that rocco is on discords trending gifs lol

  12. boss says

    Someone get Johnny a PS5 quick

  13. ihatephil says

    Jonny editing adds a lot to the podcasts ❤️

  14. LiquidShaman says

    I love Bryan's laugh in the background. Has the same sort of energy as Eric when he was in that role.

  15. Alejandro Alfonso says

    Tenga got generous with that secret package tho

  16. Red Grave says

    Shawn crying video needs it's own website

  17. TheGradyBaby says

    The ring novel that the films are based on is pretty creepy!

  18. Neil Steffens says

    Rocco – why should the Xbox Series S play an upscaled 360 game without a disc tray?

  19. TheClosetGamer says

    Thank god Playstation still using the simple naming convention. I feel like buying an Xbox today requires an ACT/SAT quiz to pick the right console.

  20. 90dayfiance6969 Sixtynine says

    Derek still uses Facebook? now it all makes sense 🙄

  21. PainterX says

    Bioshock 2 was a broken mess when it first launched. OG version would constantly crash. But by now with fixes and remastering, 2 is pretty solid.

  22. S says

    I wonder if any of the crew has seen The Wailing?

  23. Grant Ervin says

    god bless lil Cs

  24. riddickfan says

    Shawn should just keep all the parties family exclusive. He'll live longer.

  25. UncleBibby says

    53:36 hey @Rocco Botte i think Mega64 should do a crosspromotion with Adam & Eve dot com, sell a MEGA64ANTINE-brand buttplug, whattabout you?

  26. Chris v says

    Mega64 podcast been HITTIN lately

  27. TimeSword3D says

    Series S GPU is weaker than One X, it's just an Xbox One with an SSD, next gen CPU, and the new controller

  28. A P says

    Derrick should start a Mega64 book club

  29. MrBooone says

    Read Junji Ito short stories Derrick, or Uzumaki. But I'm feelin' you likely have since you dig graphic novels and comics

  30. Connor McClenny says

    As someone who's never stopped hanging out in small rooms with a dozen+ ppl since this stupidity started with zero repercussions for anyone involved, I can state that Sean's plan for kid parties is really dumb.

  31. Taerdin says

    Pretty sure the devs that make Bioshock Irrational like closed (downsized and rebranded), so that's probably why there aren't more

  32. Cody Jones says

    Derrick looks great in this

  33. Bradley Whitmore says

    Using your car’s radio? Just buy a cheap portable radio.

  34. Jose Perez says

    Lol, mini Johnny on Rocco is killing me!

  35. China Champ says

    1:21:27 What movie did Shawn get really mad at about like an Autistic lawyer or something? Cause I definitely remember him giving a very similar type of review.

  36. Starman Dx says

    Derrick, the true power rangers fan.

  37. Chad Van Oostendorp says

    Hey Rocco, I know it's hard to keep up because leaks regarding Xbox happen before Xbox can fully explain it and then headlines go out before they are clarified and no one sees the clarification.

    Regarding the Series S not playing One X upgrades for old games, that's mostly just the 4K. And since the Series S doesn't do 4K, obviously it won't do the One X 4K.

    But they clarified on Twitter after this sort of discourse leaked there is more to their upgrades than just upping to 4K, and those still apply.

    Anyway, love you all, keep up the good work!

  38. Devon says

    Wow, Derrick looked so bored when Rocco was talking. Looks like the rift between them just got deeper

  39. lemonfacer says

    Would love to hear Derrick's tenet greviences next podcast/aftershow

  40. flamingbunnyrabbits says

    If Manga counts, then The Amigara Fault terrified me the first time I read it. I couldn't put it down till it was done, but It was horrifying for a first time read when I was like 14.

  41. Random Assault says

    ass central oils

  42. Coelacamth says

    Lmao when Derrick starts a podcast off enthusiastic and loud. Funny and hype af

  43. Zegeebwah says

    Y'all big wrong on Hereditary that's a masterpiece

  44. Neal says

    The Terror is one of my favorite books of all time. Hope you enjoy it and get scared Derrick!
    You'll also likely go down the rabbit hole of reading the history of the lost Franklin Expedition that it's based on.

  45. coollayo says

    The nearest drive-in theater for me is 2 hours away

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