1. Il-Kacper-lI says

    More proof that the PROF community is toxic asf.And there's still people that defend them 🙄

  2. Not So Good Cheese says

    Damn I just got a notification for this I’m a whole day late. Feels bad man 😔 also It’s kinda wack that he washes you to get COVID

  3. Inna Rhino says

    You know they’re mad when they wish death upon others

  4. giane valerio says

    im sorry what my community did to you man im still your friend but i cutted you from my friends list because of something that u will bother me on gta but im more focused on red dead online-cool stratum4

  5. Philip603 05 says

    Why did Matt do this? I don’t like you Obey but why.

  6. PoisonSiege {PURG} says

    Welcome to the land of the toxic hypocrites

  7. Fernando Martinez says

    On behalf of the community I apologize for Matt. This is indeed a very toxic comment and does not belong in the game. Obey I’m very sorry Matt said this to you. COVID is nothing to joke about as I work in a hospital and know first hand the devastating effects it has on our society. I have talked to Matt and he has deleted the comment. I am trying to help improve the community and I understand why people see us this way when comments like that surface. We will improve to be less toxic in this video game.

  8. DreamLikeForce says

    he's mad

  9. RaiderGaming 818v says


  10. lIl PHYSICS lIl says

    That’s not nice 😔

  11. Fate FC says

    Imagine being in pro community

  12. XD-Obey-Hawk says

    And griefers are somehow more toxic?

  13. DreamLikeForce says


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