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Elite athlete, best-selling author and leading proponent of the primal diet, Mark Sisson believes that the lifestyle our primal ancestors engaged in, the food they ate, and the amount of sun they got are still optimal today. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Mark Sisson explains how to tap into that primal lifestyle and live an awesome life where you enjoy what you eat, you don’t have constant cravings, and you still burn excess fat and extend your longevity. He talks about the healing power of collagen, the crucial importance of metabolic flexibility, and why there’s no need to sacrifice daily pleasure for good health.


Mark wants people to be pain-free, to enjoy their food, to be able to move around easily [0:24]
Mark explains what fulfillment means to him [3:45]
Mark and Tom discuss the limits to how much fulfillment money can really buy [4:43]
Mark explains why he has evolved to embrace metabolic flexibility [7:54]
You don’t need as many calories as you think you do [11:55]
How does diet change the number of mitochondria? [13:51]
When your body gets good at burning fat, hunger and cravings start to disappear [19:54]
The brain’s usage of calories throughout the day does not vary much [24:32]
Mark explains why animal protein is better than plant protein [28:21]
Mark talks about why you need to eat nose-to-tail for ligament health [31:51]
Mark explains why collagen peptides are so important [36:04]
You cannot get everything you need from a plant-based diet without supplements [39:07]
Mark argues that there is no one right answer for diet [44:03]
Mark is unwilling to sacrifice daily pleasure simply for marginal additional longevity [48:18]
Mark wishes he could spend the rest of his life eating peanuts and drinking beer [50:30]
Mark feels that the coronavirus pandemic has been utterly mismanaged [52:19]
Mark prioritizes Vitamin D over even exercise [56:45]
Mark and Tom discuss energy drinks and whether they work on a regular basis [1:01:43]



  1. Pam Charoen says

    Love the idea of the "vegan vs plant-based twins" and thank you for what you do Tom /|

  2. Joan Parker says

    Thank you 🙏 for a very informative talk! Anyone interested in pursuing Primal Coaching, be prepared to learn & study! It is a great online nutritional course! My daughter is taking this & she also has certificate in the IIN course & she said Mark’s was definitely more informative! Tom enjoy all your & Lisa’s talks on my daily walks! Appreciate all you both do! Stay strong & positive! Have a spectacular day 🤗

  3. MissGiGiFatale says

    Thanks for Bringing Mark back on. Supplementation through ethical animal sources is the way to go. I was plant-based until my body could not. It's a really hard decision for ethical reasons but has made such a difference both mentally and physically. Eat local, from small conscious sources. I'm in Australia, so I eat Roo slow-cooked once a week, marine collagen and pasture-raised local eggs and that's all I need.

  4. alan2102 says

    Breakfast probably IS the most important meal of the day. There is a shit-ton of evidence for this. Much much better to skip dinner than to skip breakfast. Also, if you eat breakfast and lunch, especially rich in protein, you'll find that appetite for dinner is less or gone.

  5. DezinnaVlog ! says

    B-Complex Shots (I take them every two weeks)

  6. SOFEA BIAN says

    What is his age? Mark

  7. Nathaniel May says

    What affirmation would you tell yourself to get out of the belief that breakfast is the most important meal and really nail down the new belief that you should just eat whenever you feel like you need to. Just listen to your body, it knows what it's doing.

  8. Helga - wir uns kennenlernen says

    0:33 uncommon

  9. anj c says

    I would debate burning calories for the chess masters. I believe it is possible because your brain doesn't know the differences between reality. When using the mind in activities, I believe we do/can burn calories at different rates due to our thinking.

  10. Dane Paul Stewart says

    GREAT DISCUSSION! And I can’t really think of anything else that I would need to say about it. 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️

  11. Richard Porto says

    Hugs from Brazil.

  12. Jana Radonjic says

    Veganism shrinks the brain.
    Tooom, our bones are made of protein. Carnivore can even reverse osteopenia and osteoporosis.Still waitin' to see Dr. Paul Mason on your show.

  13. Laura Alliss says

    Amazingly informative – thank you! I’m intermittent with my intermittent fasting but feel a sense of renewed motivation to be consistent with it! And to maximise energy to optimise life – boom! Love your tube content!

  14. Chris Nicula says

    Joe Biden laid out an awesome blueprint too. He said, "C'mon man, think about it".

  15. Peter S. says

    33:20 What body part is Mark talking about? English is not my mother tongue.

  16. O Bichés says

    Please improve your language it will make you more impactful to wide audience

  17. Kara Fives says

    Lisa and Tom have ruined all other interviewers for me! Freaking love them!!!!!!!

  18. Todd Barker says

    Oh gulluble people. No one can dissolve calcium buildup on the Achilles by collagen supplementation. Oh by the way he sells collagen. Amazing these hucksters which would of been called snake oil salesman in the early 1900s are now readily embraced by the sheepish masses. Who benefits the most? The sales guy selling supplements needed for this diet lifestyle and the livestock industry which promotes the atkins, bulletproof, paleo, primal, keto and carnivore diets. Meat and dairy industry has been in a slump for years do to all the real science. Anyone can take data and make it what they want. Show me scientists like the WHO who don't have an agenda other than what's best for the body.

  19. Todor lilov says

    Tom, give me the list of the billionaires that have committed suicide and look at the thousands that killed themselves because of money…

  20. Wook Chewie says

    Bro either wear contacts or get glasses that do not reflect your screen.

  21. garry G Ballard says

    I burn a pound of fat in a one hour working.

  22. garry G Ballard says

    Yes, I confirm, as we get older, eating better and working out keep us going. I just turned 69. I’ve been doing this for 7 years and I’m as good as I was ten years ago. The old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. Is true. Being active, living a life as you did when you were 40. Our bodies/minds are designed to be used.

  23. Olga Anisimova says

    It takes a great deal for somebody or something to change a person's life. So it has to be one of the most ego feeding things to hear.

  24. Immortal AndresJanicette says

    Tom, Ive heard your comment more than several times saying that you seek the ability of living forever. Im led to send you The Knowledge that saved us from physical death, the opportunity to choose Life. http://www.thekingofsalem.com

  25. Waters Edge says

    Nice teeth Tom

  26. Hein Dattel says

    The thing with aminoacid profile of meat is needed is total bs. I am 44. Vegan . Full of muscles . Full of mobility. Looking atleast 10-15 years younger according to what i hear on daily basis. Doing lot of challanges physically . Achieving still personal bests at this age after beeing an athlete since my 20s. Believe it or not.Vegan lifestyle is 100% superior on all levels. Only weak mind or unexpirienced mind or uneducated minds would ever claim something different.100% less suffer for youself and for everything around you too.Stop beeing that weak and looking for stupid reasons to staying stupid.Besides thatThanks a lot for all the other good points that got something right and better to it.

  27. AlienSource TV says

    Amino acids chelate making it possible for mineral and nutrient absorption.

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