Mark & Jocelyn Live 4/21 – Millennial Travel, 1st Time Travelers & Why No Sponsors



Travel advice and travel tips on visiting Europe, Latin America, The USA and More!
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  1. Holly Jacobs says

    This is Holly Jacobs a new subscriber

  2. flipdanceandplay says

    I am flying AirFrance in a few weeks with my family. This will be our first international flight. We do not want to check in luggage except for the car seat for our infant because we don't want to have to many luggage at our destination. Air France's carry on luggage is 55 X 35 X 25 cm. I found luggages that where 55X35X25cm including the wheels but not the handle, which I can unscrew the handle out. I am worried that since because it is at the maximum dimensions, it will not fit into their carry on check box. We do not want to be in the situation where we are told to pay to check in our luggage. Please let me know your experience. What is your largest carry on size internationally?

  3. Tamaralea Nelles says

    I travel by myself and felt very comfortable travelling around Greece. I felt very safe.

  4. In1998able says

    A bit late (very late) the sound is great now! And keep up the great or brilliant work!

  5. Laura X says

    Great video!

  6. brabham74 says

    My daughter shares your vids with all her friends.  She's a teacher, and she'd due (with her baby), within the next week.   She think's you're awesome.   So do I.

  7. Jeunesse Raymundo says

    Thanks for the tip on staying in Ghent, it worked out perfectly as a home base while touring Belgium

  8. Judy Bage says

    Hey, I’m late to the you tube party but finding your videos was great. Today I found how to actually comment. It’s the little things. : Yorkshire England.

  9. Sarah Ou-Young says

    Go to Taiwan please 😁.

  10. Megan Mulcahy says

    When are you all coming to DC? I work in DC and would love to say Hello in person. Your videos have been very helpful in planning my solo trip to Paris.

  11. Richard Caldwell says

    is 6 days in Berlin enough time?

  12. Richard Caldwell says

    how does one ask a question…on your live chats??????

  13. Radiant Wanderings says

    Thanks for sharing, excited to see your upcoming videos. Send me a message when you make that trip to Glacier National Park. We moved here 4 years ago so it would be fun to say hey. If you fly in, I might see you guys at the airport or be your gate agent 🙂

  14. Michal Eshed says

    I missed your live event but hope you can answer my question. We would like to visit the hartz mountains, Germany. Is it possible to travel this area and its main attractions ( for our kids 11, 13) without a rental car? Is it ok to plan it for trains and buses?

  15. michelle fuller says

    Have you been to Canadian Rockies? Jasper, Banff, Canmore & Kananaskis country here in Alberta are spectacular in the summer/fall if you haven't. I hope you have a blast visiting the west coast this summer. 🙂

  16. nw24153ns says

    Thanks for all the education into traveling.

  17. Sam L says

    Hey Jocelyn and Mark!! Thanks so much for your awesome videos. We just got back from Rome and Paris and your videos totally helped!! Loved it, will keep spreading the word about your awesome channel. Keep it up. 🙂

  18. marmvb mulder says

    Hi Mark and Jocelyn, I saw your video's about The Netherlands. It's good you also tell tourist to visit other cities that A'dam, but I would like to see you visiting Utrecht. You talked about it, but never visit it right? When are visiting? It's way better that A'dam and you can eat down at the canals. It's very nice to see in the spring and summer.

    Where are you currently travel to? We're going to Bali this year for the first time and really looking forward to. Did you've been there?

  19. Sira Mea says

    Tips for picky eaters, a lot of restaurants have menus online- I look up and translate menus of places near where I am going, that will help me learn some culinary words and give me some options where I know what I can order- even if I don't end up going there. I'm a picky eater- I eat things from lots of different cultures but I don't like things that most other people like- I hate cheese and mayo for example.

  20. Cynthia Castanon says

    Have you all been to any of the Caribbean islands?

  21. Rick Fidelis Reed says

    YEAHhhhh !
    I live in SAN ANTONIO !

  22. Ingrid P says

    HIV epidemic in Russia…that’s all I gotta say to those traveling to the world cup.

  23. Anthony says

    You guys are ridiculously cute! Love your videos so much. Thanks for all the travel tips!

  24. Sue Souvannavong says

    Oh no. I missed the live event. I love your videos!!!

  25. HittingTax26 says

    What kinda computer?

  26. Kris Danielson says

    LOL Mark “What’s your KD ratio” is a video game term on call of duty it’s your kill death ratio lol 😂

  27. Ken Yup says

    I have missed the live,hey mark ,did you consider to create a patreon account,that's another sponsor method

  28. Yuri Koudriavtsev says

    Hi, your videos are great.

    Have you been on sakhalin or the kuril islands?

  29. BrisQldAus says

    What advice for single travelers travel alone

  30. BrisQldAus says

    What your advice for single travellers traveling abroad alone

  31. Robert Mello says

    So sorry that California « Techie Types » are ruining the « vibe » of Austin!
    Not a subscriber to Walters World anymore.

    Santa Clara born and raised.
    Santa Clara Swim Cub has contributed 80 🇺🇸 U S Olympic Swim Medals.
    49 Gold !
    We are in the « Silicon Valley »
    So is YouTube !

  32. Patricia Howell Cassity says

    Thank you for all you do. Really appreciate your devotion to truth. Next year my husband and I will start traveling, we are older, in 50's and 60's. We each have traveled around USA some but not outside. I'm very excited about going outside of US. Your vlogs help a lot and what to look for in research.

  33. Jorge Salini says

    Hi Mark and Jocelyn, are you coming to Argentina in 2018? Mark, did you learn spanish ( español) in Buenos Aires???

  34. Michael L says

    Nice Q & A. Busses in Paris – I always take the bus if I'm not in a hurry. They're a great way to see what's in-between point A and point B. I've done lots of sightseeing that way. Plus you get a slice of Parisian life.

  35. Kandy Hall says

    Btw love your T-shirt

  36. Kandy Hall says

    Hi just love your blog has encourage me to travel Europe

  37. Learn German with Herr Antrim says

    Thanks for the shoutout, Mark. Looking forward to the next time we get to work together. 🙂

  38. Marco Ruiz says

    When are you going to Monterrey Mexico?

  39. Malcolm says

    Hi Jocelyn and Mark, missed live event, buy would asked this…. how are you getting on for your trip to New Zealand ?

  40. Katrina N says

    Bummed I missed this live, you should have a 'buy me a beer' button!

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