Man Wins $10,000 At Basketball Game In Shoot-Turn-Shoot Promotion


Man wins $10,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions in a Shoot-Turn-Shoot contest sponsored by Dodge at halftime during a North Dakota State basketball game.

  1. j hoppe says

    Thats NDSU right?

  2. Lexie Brown says


  3. Jose Velazquez says


  4. David Wombatz says

    i used to be able to make baskets like that, then i took an arrow to the knee

  5. ULikeMyVideoQc says

    Will Ferrell was like NOOOOOO !!!

  6. samuel moir says

    i think he said at the end, "Wheres my money?" haha

  7. birlibis2juggler says

    Like a boss

  8. Mitch Zigster says

    how did i get here from watching a video of a flashbang?

  9. Mr_Dova14 says

    He just put his hand up like….Are you not entertained? like it was nothing haha

    if that was me i would have been running around after winning $10,000 lol

  10. KaoSxMaFia says

    @getsomezomb13Z Im from Bismarck!

  11. Carter Sanden says

    kick ass im from fargo!

  12. NyYankeesRthaBesT says

    Really impressive. Must have been his lucky day!

  13. Odds On Promotions says

    @daveworley Thanks for the comment, Dave. It definitely has to be a wonderful feeling!

  14. Dave W says

    Gracious kid. I'd have been running round like a lunatic.

  15. Jawan Spence says

    21 people missed the shot and didnt win $10,000

  16. Phylosopher says

    why did everyone do the touchdown sign lol?0:42

  17. Roger Hall says

    How can you not like that?

  18. Johnny Dorigo Jones says

    Thumbs up if you somehow got here from Julian Smith

  19. The Black Joker says

    boyyyyy if that waznt luck…….

  20. KaoSxMaFia says

    @OddsOnPromotions Im live in North Dakota

  21. Adrian Lopez says

    lucky shot i bet i can make that shot :}

  22. manga1136 says

    15 people are jealous

  23. Rory McGowan says

    i bet the coach is all GET THIS GUY ON MY TEAM!

  24. Mathias Poulsen says

    That man SORTA looks like Joe Flacco. I guess it's not, but he has a resemblance 🙂

  25. jackvids7 says

    that's how you get girls!

  26. Ronald Chase Rossman says

    so they choose one spot on the court and have to make it in both hoops in two shots?

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