Making Popular MCDONALDS Items VEGAN | Vegan VS Fast Food


In the first ever Vegan vs Fast Food, I wanted to tackle some of McDonalds most popular menu items and try turning them vegan. From a more updated take on the big mac to a double cheeseburger and mac sauce, I show you how you can not only make these at home but also vegan!

🌱Vegan Big Mac Sauce:
🌱Vegan Big Mac:
🌱Vegan McDonalds Double Cheeseburger:

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  1. Jennifer Gulley says

    Yaaass thank you so much for making this video! I felt guilty recently passing a McDonald's and craving a double cheese burger. I'd love to see you do some chicken nugs or a mcgriddle!

  2. Jozay Zay says

    Vegan McFlurry?

  3. Sasha C says

    Pls do vegan tasty with bacon

  4. Jessica D says

    Chicken nuggets, spicy harbenaro sauce and apple pies

  5. Emily Dawn says

    McDonald's chicken nuggets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Johnathon Mayo says

    Please do the Mcgriddle!!

  7. Tee Gar says

    Unsubscribing for mentioning McDonald's. Okay byeeeee

  8. H M says

    Vegan mcnuggets (thats not entirely fried tofu or have us only store items)

  9. Doris Banana says

    Vegan MacChicken!! Please

  10. Fluffy Knuckles says

    Make a mcflurry and thick shake pleaaaaaaaaase!!!!!

  11. Dandy Issues says

    Very nice. We have a mcvegan at Swedish McDonalds, also the french fries are deep fried in oil. I usually just buy it after I've been drinking tho, lol.

  12. Dilli Foodie says

    Amazing ❤️ Love from india , 😁😇 checkout our recipes too. Stay connected 😍 #Dillifoodie

  13. Stealthydeer says

    Before I went vegan I would order the chicken selects with the chive sauce, if that could be replicated to the exact/as near as possible to the original taste that would be amazing <3

  14. sydney powers says

    Are you able to recreate the fillet o fish? That was my favourite!!!!

  15. joey s says

    see now THATS a vegan big mac. go edgy veg! whens the merch dropping

  16. Skye Peterson says

    Please please please do the breakfast McGriddle !!!! It used to be my fave 😭😭

  17. Gabriela Figueroa says

    veganize the McFlurry please 😩😩😩

  18. Adam Trani says

    The only thing I would do differently is melt the cheese on the patty while it's still in the pan, otherwise delicious !

  19. Al Bundy says

    Why ruin a burger?

  20. David Mcgregor's Gardening says

    Great video and recipe. How about veganising other fast food chains such as KFC, Domino's, Subway etc.

  21. Levent Oerkue says

    Talking with a full mouth. Couldn't understand a word. LOL

  22. Levent Oerkue says

    Everything is better the next day? I strongly disagree. Fresh baked bread?

  23. Pattye Olmack says

    Thanks, Edgy Veg! I would love to see a McDonald's Fish Sandwich veganized. 🙂

  24. E. H. says

    vegan crunchwarp??

  25. Kyle Lucas says

    Omg but wait I miss the Filet o Fish so much please???

  26. Lux Davies says

    Vegan Mcchicken pleaseee

  27. Big Bad Roman says

    I make the Mc Snack Wraps pretty often with the vegan Morning Star patties and Boca patties and make the vegan ranch from your book and add Sriracha

  28. Magsy C says

    Fillet o fish? The only burger I ever had in McDonald’s and missing it soo much

  29. Diane Love says


  30. Jess S says

    Good job

  31. Cristina Ferreira says

    CHICKEN NUGGETS!! I used to love the chicken nuggets before I went veg

  32. Bianca Neves says

    The beyond ground hack was so clever! I'm never buying the burgers again 😅

  33. rashmi khazana recipe mishra says

    Very tempting burger looks very healthy tadty please support and subscribe me ihsve done

  34. Bri says

    a Mcgriddle. I always want to make a Mcgriddle but like how do i get the pancakes al perfect and soft but strong enough for the sandwhich

  35. 4themotherload says

    This is why I love your channel, when you said "like I am really craving a big mac". Food is magical and being vegan doesn't mean giving up flavour! Giving up flavours you love will only make you go back to something unhealthy. Wish you and your's all the best❤️

  36. Sofar So gone says

    Plantifully based did this also! She has a great all vegan YouTube channel go check her out!

  37. L P says

    If you're ever in Detroit, go to Chili Mustard Onion. They have an amazing Big Mock. And so many other great copy cat items.

  38. Sal Nichole says

    Trying the Big Mac this weekend! Thank you for the awesome tips!

  39. Andrea Bellato says

    Oooo what about making a vegan version of their hot chocolate sundae?! I loved those 🍦

  40. EclipseOfMetal says

    I never been a big fan of cheeseburger or beef paties but when I was not vegan, I really loved McChicken also the hot and spicy chicken !

  41. Bushnell Entertainment says

    So awesome don't know why everyone isn't vegan,,,!!!

  42. Ba Gawk says

    Now that's a hot thumbnail 😏

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