Make USB Drive Accessible -Not Showing Up In "My Computer"- The How To


I have come across this problem a lot at school (so have a lot of other students at my school), and surprisingly teachers don’t even know how to fix this. I never thought of googling it (DUH!) before until today when I was in photography class.

So I hope this help anyone who is having trouble getting their USB Flash Drive to pop up on “My Computer”

**If this does not happen to you ever, then this is a nice tip to keep in mind for the future. 8)




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  1. Harley RK says

    Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately my computer still sees it as a CD drive…

  2. iabdulrehmank says

    that did'nt worked for me….


    Thanks! it worked

  4. Lineta Kardašienė says

    Worked 😉

  5. vinnie 888 says

    dosnt work

  6. jesuscruzchuy07 says

    this still works. u have to change the letter. on mine it didnt had a letter

  7. mOnTe Tv says

    wow thanks man


    Wow! Thanks, dude. It helps a lot. Thumbs up to you! (y)

  9. Paragon says

    does it still work

  10. Call of duty the BOSS way says


  11. CosmicSpaceDuck - says

    after plugging a stick into an xbox about a year ago(for modding just cause 2 i think) it would not show up in my computer. today i came across something where i plug a usb stick and i have to go device manager,usb controllers and right click on the usb mass storage device that has a yellow triangle on it and hit uninstall, then scan for hardware changes for it to show up every time. do you know how to fix this? thanks

  12. Angelo Dayupay says

    same to me it didn't work dude.. and my flash drive works on other computer but not mine.. could plss anyone help me with this problem..

  13. Osbaldo Gutierrez says

    Thanks dude

  14. Elyssa Adora says

    it didn't work 🙁

  15. Jigyashu Gupta says

    My Disk Management is Empty

  16. Hrvoje Čović says


  17. MrJamief says

    my one wont even show up in that 

  18. Nissou Silenzio says

    the usb it doesnt even appear in computer management 🙁 any solution help please!!!!

  19. Majki says

    I fu****g love you mate …. i was struggling with this for ages !! 

  20. BTS Garment Unit says

    the usb it doesnt even appear in computer management

  21. BTS Garment Unit says

    what do you call your usb sticks?????

  22. Large OOF says

    its not recognizing my flash drive at all

  23. King.Energy -ichadruth- says

    i do this step but they did not appear on my computer

  24. Heat124 says

    OMG thx man Ur awesome u rock

  25. BoxaBole says

    dude it's not recognizing my usb… so what do I do ?

  26. Noor Asghar Noor Haider says

    fuck u 

  27. daKINGZhere says

    PROBRO001 thanks a bunch man your way actually worked!! Anyone reading these comments needs to check out this guys method it works

  28. mamata dhakal says

    awsome 😀

  29. aayush joshi says

    i cant see my removeable disk option in disk manage

  30. zrc11 says

    Thanx god you're a genius

  31. Andy Pitts says

    good video help out a lot

  32. Wolf Hound God says

    what if nothing shows up on the disk management? I connected my fone to my pc and its on "mass storage mode" but it wont show up anywhere on my pc. the only thing that shows up on the disk management is (C:)

  33. MrEmstop says

    Great job kid!!!

  34. Golam azam says

    I click Manage>disk Management>then i see (c) (d) & System Reserved I dont show my usb drive. Then below disk 0 Basic 74.53 GB online then CD-ROM 0

  35. Tatu Msutu says

    change letter is disabled in my pc, how can I fix it?

  36. dizzin0nz says

    my roommate calls it a dipstick lol

  37. jagelu19 says

    I TRY it but it still did'nt show up…

  38. Jdm Drifts says

    I dont even have the usb disk thing show up in my device manager

  39. signerleo snyder says

    I have exten flahs druve I need to know how to instell progmso on it not my comper

  40. samsold100 says

    When I insert one of my USb is healthy, but the other USB is not show, I follow what you did, but it still not working

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