Madurai Bun Parotta + Empty Salna || மதுரை பன் பரோட்டா || Most Famous Street Food || Paratha Recipe


Madurai Bun Parotta + Empty Salna || மதுரை பன் பரோட்டா || Most Famous Street Food || Paratha Recipe

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This Madurai Bun Parotta is one of the most famous street food in South India and in Madurai there are many things are famous like Meenakshi Amman, Jasmine Flower, Madurai kari dosa, etc., among these Bun Parotta is also a unique recipe in the great Madurai,

In our The Tiny Foods we have made Madurai kari dosa a year ago, that dish was liked by many of our people so we hope u will like this bun parotta recipe which is made in our tiny foods style as unique which will not be available in other youtube channels

With our unique Puppet Show, we made as like travelling to madurai for a wedding and having bun parotta with a plain veg salna in a highway hotel

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  1. Rowdy Baby says

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  4. RED SAPPHIRE says

    The bus conductor said the bus waits for 20 mins but u are resting the bun parotta dough itself 3 hours. There is no logic in this? They even said we need to make only salna. But they are making bun parotta also?

  5. RED SAPPHIRE says

    That frying song and the background music are amazing it gives us peace☺💐

  6. Priya Jeni says

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    I am in Madurai I like Bun parotta

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