1. italia Hernandez says

    No hate but I like Gacha life better:)

  2. Evi Chapa says


  3. Gievan Sabellina says


  4. Hermela Geda says

    bad Disney :<

  5. Alisa B. says

    A hour late… …😢…Narrator-and a tear was shed that day!

  6. Alisa B. says

    People these days- I only got 2.9k likes on my comment 😱😭Me-oh wow I can't beat 3…

  7. Alisa B. says

    Good job at one point I didn't know that Rapunzel was Rapunzel because her hair was Browning short…… Then I remembered… … And felt stupid

  8. Gacha Bella says


  9. Valeria 1409 says

    Hello I was wondering if you have Instagram so I can draw your oc and send it to you there

  10. Nyc_zinha TubeTube says

    Gosto bastante dessa música , ficou ótimo (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  11. noodles UwU says

    this video is underrated

  12. Gacha. Oreos. says

    I love this can I borrow the start for TikTok? (I’ll tag you I’d you have it!)

  13. G M Reyes says

    This is awesome but for some reason it cut of some letters

  14. siilver stxr says

    Lalala still watching this in the bath room with my period 🙂

  15. Cøøkie_tëa_blüe Cøøkie says

    I love this and I love this song

  16. Sue and Cheers says

    15 minutes late!

  17. Elisa Degbor says

    Yo the minute I saw this in my notifications I was itching to watch it 😜

  18. Hailey ÙwÚ says

    Well this was interesting-

  19. Chïbï- Kïŵï says

    First to watch it!

  20. star light says

    Is it me or do they not have shoes on girls you good are your feet hurting you???

  21. Alex :p says

    This vidoe was sobre unique! ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

  22. Mackenzie Jefferson says


  23. Itzel Martinez says

    Quedo genial y hermoso

  24. Alex :p says


  25. _Sushi_Røll says

    I'm not kiddingTwo ppl (aka you and hunni bear)You both uploaded the same gcmv xDExcept like 10 secs apart

  26. Simply Clxudie says

    First like 🙂

  27. litiana bainivalu says


  28. Kyrie Mist says

    It's amazing!!!❤️

  29. Olivia Chen says


  30. Joy Kay says

    1st to like vid

  31. Juwariyyah Mehtar says

    Ur vids are are awesome

  32. Elizabeth Joseph says

    Nvm :c

  33. Juwariyyah Mehtar says


  34. • MintyFresh Ācademia • says

    First 😏😂😂❤️❤️

  35. Elizabeth Joseph says


  36. Brxken Bxnny says


  37. Lindsay UwU says

    NOOO I’m second 🙁

  38. Roblox _Queen says


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