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Tips for travelling with your luggage on a train –

Travel light on your train journey with CrossCountry and make it easier with these simple luggage tips from CrossCountry. You can find some more light luggage tips here: You can also click here: to book your next train travel dates with us.

This video will show you how packing light for your train travel can help make your journey a whole lot easier. You’ll also discover how light train luggage can be easily stored and find out the correct places to store your luggage on trains. Make the most of your luggage without the baggage.

  1. desposyy says

    Lmao, we provide a shitty service so you should choose to go without so we don't have to change anything. Good one, smegging brilliant, bravo

  2. SIMBA Dabs says

    On airplanes i mostly bring a carry on bag for tons of stuff like you know

  3. Mardasee says

    I'm window shopping at the moment for my pipe dream train adventure. I too want to pack light.

  4. RBXTrains says

    Only because cross country trains in particular are too short and overcrowded (all day long unlike most operators)

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