Looney Tunes Space Race Game Sample – Dreamcast


Original Air Date: August 13th, 2009

It’s about Looney Tunes… it’s a game based off of a timeless franchise…so you might think it sucks. Well, this game is surprisingly quite good, though a little lacking in features. The music is decent, the gameplay is frantic (a bit too frantic… the rubberband elements are insane in this game and can almost ruin multi-player modes with CPUs), and the visuals are incredibly detailed for a Dreamcast game in a very cartoony way that really adds life to the characters and environments. For instance, the intro is really well done and every animation of Foghorn Leghorn looks silly and believable and Lola doesn’t disappoint, and I’m sold on that aspect. The stages are clean, nicely designed, and possess a good sense of scale. The game overall is a good racing game in the vain of many combat racers before it.

My only qualm is that the framerate drops considerably in multi-player and constantly goes up and down throughout a race, but it hasn’t detracted much from two-player experiences… I haven’t tested it with four players. This video contains a segment of a single-player race and a multi-player race. The single player race is cut short because Yosimite Sam is so fast that he pretty much dominates and the race was uneventful with the exception of an absolutely hilarious move I pulled off around 3:30 which required lightning-fast reflexes (or luck). I smacked a high-speed Sylvester into a turning steel girder that twisted and pushed him into the hole… it was amazing. Anyway, enjoy.

  1. AyeYoYOYO!!! ! says

    Gorgeous fun game ! Needs an HD Remix with extra tracks and extra characters !

  2. bobbyw223 says

    this looks good for a dreamcast game

  3. Walex10 says

    my favourite racing game of all time.

  4. DankFrank says

    The Graphics look damn nice for 2000,almost better looking than anything Sega had done.I really want to get a copy of this for Dreamcast.It looks really fun.

  5. Marvincmf says

    Nice play with Yosemite Sam, I like the previous (when you play with Wile E. Coyote). Great Sample

  6. OG Man says

    I've only played Looney Tunes Racing for PS1 but this one looks pretty cool as well. Thanks for another upload dood.

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