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I really wanted to do something different with butternut squash. As in, not just roasting it, or turning it into a soup, which tend to be the two most common applications, so I eventually decided on a “loaded” twice-baked butternut squash. Enjoy!

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  1. ABC XYZ says

    These look awesome. I love butternut squash. I will be trying this one for sure. Thanks.

  2. Teej 1000 says

    Chef John. The Incredible Hulk of the Babish Culinary Universe

  3. Jesmond Mifsud says

    I'm baking this in my oven as we speak.

  4. Johnathan F says

    Not eating the squash skin?

  5. Monroville says

    2:40 so you want to go round the inside, round the inside, round the inside?

    4:03 so shredded cheese is not so grate.

  6. MaZEEZaM says

    Nice idea, thanks, you did forget Celsius temperature listing for non American viewers.

  7. Greg Muth says

    Did I miss the cayenne?

  8. Evelyn Cotter says

    Looks very good will try usually buy butternut squash leave in the fridge until goes bad throw out and think must get another one !,

  9. raladin3dd says

    What would be a good alternative to the ham?
    (meat wise :))

  10. schrottinator says

    This looks like something I would bring to a dinner party.

  11. MobianCanine says

    1:53 First time I ever heard John curse before, lol. XD. Also, if I were to make this, I'd have maybe used a fried chicken breast instead of ham. XP. Sorry! Good video though!

  12. Steven Boyko says

    Looks nice I will have to try it, would be good as a side for some BBQ ribs or maybe a Boston fatty.

  13. Robert Smith says

    More like gourdon bleu

  14. Racer Girl says

    I might be weird, but, I eat the skin.

  15. GoMhaaad says

    carmalized mushrooms, thank you.

  16. LydaMan says

    hello from Vietnam

  17. Chilani Desi Food says

    Wow very yummy recipe

  18. MrBlaze80 says

    At least 10 fingers… I have 12……. on one hand

  19. HolzOnkel says

    Written recipe features 6 ounces of nothing… I'm guessing I'll replace that with more cheese…

  20. Abby Lozano says

    I kind of want to do this but with potato’s 🤔

  21. Sylvie Hurd says

    Yum. Just yesterday I was searching for recipes using butternut squash and all I could come up with was soups. This will be tomorrow nights dinner. Thank you!

  22. 420cactus says

    I’m sorry… I love you John.. but this looks gross

  23. 号暗 says

    SJWs ruined /user/BonAppetitDotCom.

  24. Antti Kalpio says

    You know in Europe we have a thing called cheese plane. I don’t understand why it’s not popular in America. Every household in Finland has one.
    Google ”juustohöylä”

  25. Elizabeth Palmieri says

    I love your squash soup recipe. This looks good I think that the mushrooms would go great. Good luck with the new show. I will be watching. Be safe.

  26. Jellybeansbud says

    Looks absolutely yummy, but imma skip stuffing the squash and just move it all to a casserole dish lol

  27. John Manoah says

    Afterall, chef John is the Steve Nash of the butternut squash!

  28. linda warren says

    Yumminess! Love your plate….& salad…and ofcourse you 💗

  29. Chris Walford says

    Or smoked haddock.
    Thanks 👍🏻

  30. Gaile says


  31. Edward Coomer says

    "if the butternut squash has a large ass, you're gonna wanna take a pass"

  32. Matt Simmons says

    Hi Chef! Great video – the new light is a little blue, though. Maybe add something warmer too?

  33. asaldanapr says

    Loved it! Would it work with acorn squash too? I don’t like butternut too much.

  34. Adam Stitt says

    Ummm. No. not ever.

  35. Denise Myers says

    You are so fun!!! I love listening to you!!

  36. seattlegrrlie says

    As a lover of gruyere cheese, always dice never grate. It's very melty and mild flavor so you want the chunks

  37. Sweep The Leg ! says

    “ Mommy, Mommy… Chef John Said A Bad Word !”…

  38. Brian says

    loaded twice baked gourd

  39. Super Food Chefs says

    Another great video .They look delicious thanks for sharing.

  40. William Kelly says

    One thing I will never do is throw away those seeds . Just rinse them salt and roast them . They’re delicious !

  41. Anne Sweeney says

    I think I would rather of had chicken and cheese and less ham but after all I am The goddess of my gourd

  42. Heather Andrews says

    Thanks for the mention at the end on a meatless substitute for the haaaaaaaaaam. 🙂

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