LIVE: Perez is LEAVING Racing Point


Damn, it’s actually happening…

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  1. Chevy Chaze says

    Hope Perez sues their arse he's got a 3 year contract, Vettel's consistently slower than Checo

  2. Richard Harryson says

    I dont owe anybody anymore thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  3. mrbreede says

    I just hope he out races stroll in every single race by a mile to stick it to Racing Point.

  4. 24hrFootball says

    Mate I got into F1 about 2 months ago and I’m already feeling sad af about Sergio leaving Racing Point/Aston Martin…I already love the sport

  5. gene chua says

    I think Drive to Survive needs more episodes for next season to cover all of this

  6. tg72201 says

    I reckon him saying "led by Lawrence Stroll" was to point out why it's him leaving not Lance.

  7. tg72201 says

    Maybe Gasly to Apline, Perez to AlphaTauri

  8. Sami Salhab says

    why tf dont haas replace magnussen and grosjean with hulk and perez?

  9. Arif Aslam says

    I don't need anymore my job because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  10. George Edwards says

    I know there are rumors about Fernando Alonso going to Renault I don't know if it has been confirmed but if not Perez should take up that seat at the team if Fernando doesn't come to Renault cause he defo deserves a seat on the grid

  11. l ECLIPSE l says

    Perez and mick woild be interesting in alfa, ngl

  12. Chimp Van-Targaryen says

    I have to say you're wrong about robert and mick. That consistency is so key and think if he didnt have that random fire extinguisher go off. 9/16 podiums and would be leading the championship. Mick also beat rob in euro f3. But Rob is amazing, hopefully he wins f2 next year and gets a seat for 2022

  13. TheRussianRabbit says

    “I reckon Vettel’s going to Aston Martin” Next day…Vettel announced for Aston Martin

  14. sjonhigh says

    Next one is Newey and then Wolff. Aston Martin F1 is getting big names in. Besides that, never shed a tear Perez leaving.

  15. Emmanouil Kostopoulos says

    His a better driver then vettel vettel has lost his hunger for the race

  16. Drifterzz says

    Imagine them getting rid of Hamilton for checo that would be dope ngl

  17. Chuck Woods says

    Can you do a video on how Perez bought his seat from Pedro . Sick of these people think this guy is innocent.

  18. le Machin says

    Its sad for checo,pretty good driver,im sure this will bring soo munch more moving,maybe some surprised us,will see.But pretty happy for vettel, wish gonna be a good fit between Vettel ans Stroll

  19. Miss Eire says

    Perez is now saying he had no idea this was happening and clearly pissed. Conspiracy theory: RP were deliberately salty towards Perez with all of this so that ultimately he will leave before the end of this season so Vettel can come in very soon. Vettel clearly wants out of Ferrari as quick as possible so I could see him looking for any way into RP before the end of the season.

  20. Guy with mental breakdown says

    Meanwhile Stroll: haha money = stay

  21. Marius V says

    Hulkenberg will be replacement as Vettel is on his way down.

  22. Nick wall says

    Really is a travesty that RP have let Checo go. There wouldnt even be a team if it wasn't for him and no team for Seb to go to. Lance isn't a bad driver, just not as good as Checo. He'd of got a drive at Alfa or Haas and should have been the driver to go.They do say "Blood is thicker than water"

  23. Teresa Maria says

    I'm sadd…. To Perez huhuhuhu…

  24. Huw Griffin says

    Red bull to swap gasly and albonKvyat to be dropped and an F2 guy to come inKimi to retire, giovonazzi dropped, hulk into Sauber plus a F2 guyK mag keeps his seat, another F2 guy into replace grosjeanPerez to Williams

  25. Anton Sax says

    Well I for one will not miss Perez off the grid in favour of Vettel.Lets face it, its a cut throat business and he you have the worlds second wealthiest man backing you and you cant cut it?…adious amiga.Its not like he had a great legacy behind him, 5 dubious podiums behind him in 9 years? In preference to 4 time champ? Get real race fans, he might be the salt of the earth but he doesn't win races. He raced in a Mclaren and with Mercedes engine for the last 7 years.Max has raced in a Renault and Honda and achieved wins plus equal tally of podiums.Time for clean-up.I wish while they are at it they would get rid of Grosjan,Magnussen,and even Kimi.These guys have raced for years with no real results(Kimi the exception but he needs to be pentioned off).They have raced around with Mercedes,Ferrari and Lotus engines for years and produced nothing.Its time to clean out and bring in some fresh, hungry faces from F2.Lets face it, the car owners are only interested in thier cars that they have spent billions on over the years, and have thrown in a few big peanuts for jockeys to drive them around, but the minute one of them catches a cold, they are replaced. The sooner drivers/fans understand this the better.Perez deserves nothing, he got a big fat severence packet to cover his lost contract,(Kimi got a 2yr pension spot when he left).I mean do you think that if Lewis caught a cold in the last 2yrs they would have even hesitated to replace him with Vettel?Well Perez did so much to save the team that is RP you say? Well why didn't he get his fat cat backer to buy the team for him from the off? Thanks for exactly what Checko? Lance is already showing signs of coming online.Good luck in your future endeavours Perez , just hope its not back on the grid.Make space at Haas for gasly who needs a sideways move.

  26. PogMaster says

    I wish Fernando didn’t go to Renault.. Like maybe Perez could’ve slotted himself into Renault?

  27. PogMaster says

    Perez makes his own team?

  28. Nadia Passarelli Carvalho says

    And BOOMSeb to Aston Martin!

  29. Lelouch Vi Britannia says

    Why do viewers of this channel and tommo have a hate boner for Romain? I really don't understand the reason. He has been given a shitbox to drive last year and this year. You really can't do much in those cars. Romain and Sergio are equal for me.

  30. SilverBerryB says

    definitely bitter sweet happy for seb but it's sad for someone who had 3 year contract to be broken

  31. Ryarama F1gobshite says

    We don’t want2 be listening to you suck’n off every muppet that gives u 2quid 🖕fuck off 👎

  32. Akshansh Sharma says

    Should we start crying for Grosjean and Magnussen…?

  33. Akshansh Sharma says

    Ferrari fucked Vettel and Vettel also did so. Now Vettel's out there destroying other teams.

  34. Varun Kumar says

    saw this coming after the shit strats he was handed out in the recent weeks.

  35. Chris Claudio says

    I am so happy for Seb, I’m a big fan. I also am a big fan of Perez, such a consistent driver and deserving of a seat in F1. I really hope to see Checo on the grid next season

  36. Ian Fan says

    If there isn't any seat for Sergio, I hope he branch out to another sport for a while, something like Indycar, WEC or DTM, make a return to f1 when there is a seat available.

  37. DailyBits says

    So the guy who kept the team going gets the boot. Another u turn would be hulkenberg gets the seat

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