1. Cameron Santos says

    Why did you declare that the lane is dead? Couldn’t supports just do a single pull and connect the hard camp? Or double pull? Or will underlord just get more xp since he can cast firestorm on the camp and the creeps?

  2. ding dong says

    Good video man, for the next video, can u show cs for the first 15 minutes and net worth for the rest of the game?will be appreciated

  3. Pistachios Bacon says

    Uncheck spectator chat on your future vids

  4. GS4444 says

    15:15 OD take tower aggo from clock so he lives

  5. io says

    wat mmr is div 5?

  6. Nigi says

    7:24 i dont agree with that, underlord was low hp because MK maxed Q and D if he wouldnt level up on these and would put a point on W, the stun would last less it mean one less hit or he would do less damage if he would not levelup D and less lifesteal and he was dying at 7:00 but thanks to the lifesteal he got back and could almost kill underlord kicking him out of the lane.

  7. Lani says

    You said that mk's spells were wrong and after 5min he maxed his passive and it paid off??

  8. Сергей Юрченко says

    man, nice vid, but you should take an advantage of the fact that it's a replay. You can prepare some stuff to say in advance or even write a script

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