Little Z's Musical Masterpieces Vol. 6


0:00 1. Little Z’s a Hypocrite
0:36 2. Puff Story
0:57 3. No Rules
1:37 4. Who let the dogs (and that one duck) out?
2:19 5. Yellow Team Anthem
2:54 6. I’m Blue but without the horrible audio mixing that I accidentally had in the original so it doesn’t make your ears bleed
3:29 7. Feel this Emoment
4:15 8. Free Fallguysing
5:25 9. Harder, Better, Faster, High Tier
6:08 10. High Tier (Zanye West Remix)
6:42 11. I Jiggle a Lonely Puff
7:18 12. Little Z 6000 Outro Song
7:56 13. Rosalina and Numa Numa
8:30 14. Star Trek Theme
9:02 15. Banana Slamma Banger
9:26 16. Poppt1st Place
9:46 17. Mission Possible
10:13 18. 2 Sports 2 Furious Theme
10:44 19. Holding out for a Kazoo
11:20 20. We did it reddit. We killed Bill.

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  1. tim othy says

    I'm super happy that this became a channel staple, this and best character are what I love about this channel, always make it funny when it's brought up, keep all the awesome work Z. My only complaint about this channel is that the content isn't coming out fast enough)


    I wonder how much time takes little z to do this man

  3. jordan lucien says

    I'm just saying if you put this on Spotify no one would be mad😳😳😳😳

  4. nsploosh says

    yo little z what drum kit do you use?

  5. Jeff Shittles says

    Zach is a gift from god

  6. Justin Wolfe says

    A Masterpiece.

  7. MrLegendary Lion says

    Never seen so much Depression in one video before. I LOVE IT!

  8. Fabio Raposo says


  9. Dark Wolf48 says

    ouhh thats 11minutes LOVE

  10. N RG says

    “Star trek theme” lol

  11. Tangent Lime says

    What's the original song for little z 6000

  12. E1ns 2wei says

    I wonder how much time he spent on all outros so far.

  13. Emil says

    I liked the part we're he made music

  14. N RG says

    Some of these have no right to he as good as they are

  15. 8TranquiL8 says

    Road to 1 mil subs

  16. Sweden Players says

    Every time i die idea: Play marth and every time you die, you watch an episode of Swotd art online. Disclaimer, It's a really bad anime.

  17. Cobra6704 says

    yOu wOUldNT gEt tHiS FrOm aNy oThER gUy

  18. Cat - ION says

    "Came for the gold,
    Got the gold!"

  19. Jordan Schatz says

    Dude this man is a genius in his own way!

  20. Desh 206 says


  21. Sharp Shot says

    Friend: what’s your favourite music?

    Me: it’s complicated

  22. Someone Noone says

    Little Z masterpiece tier list?

  23. Evan Warner says

    where is the full ridley rap?

  24. Ultra gamer says

    9:21 I remember this one

  25. Ultra gamer says

    4:21 great costume!😄

  26. Ultra gamer says

    This video proves I’m OG

  27. Ultra gamer says

    I remember these

  28. Pokeario Gaming says

    I've already watched this video 3 times in the first 12 hours of it releasing. XD

  29. Ultra gamer says

    His music is almost as good as his falco!

  30. Ultra gamer says

    All of them are my favourites

  31. Baby Rooster says

    I really wish he could’ve included his Runaway parody in here. That was by far the best

  32. koidex says

    I just noticed, the intro sounds like the PH intro.

  33. Alex Matloob says

    Now put every musical masterpiece volume together into 1 vid I’ll watch through it all honestly!

  34. Isaac Bacon says

    Singing so spot on I expected a drill rest

  35. Isaac Bacon says

    do his friends all have to pass a musical test to live with him?

  36. Mizuki Lepage élève says

    and doesn’t that sound familiar,
    and doesn’t that sound peculiar
    i cant im dying

  37. FKK Marx says

    U have entered smash hub

  38. Ethan Fielding says

    I missed Little Z’s jiggly duet with HBox…

  39. Parasox Art says

    I friggin love these videos

  40. Ian Glepa says

    Seriously, Zach is almost good at everything. He mains every character in Smash, he plays a lot of instruments, an editing God and good in singing.

  41. Gregory Peek says

    i’ve searched for little Z’s a hypocrite for so long thank you zack I love you

  42. Not_An_Humin says

    K. Rool but every loss you watch an episode of Crocodile Hunter

  43. Jacob Wheeler says

    What video is rosilina Luma Luma from?

  44. Fox HK says

    Why are there dislikes on this

  45. Landon Godina says

    2:22 see if u can beat snuffles in a staring contest

  46. YNG RICO says

    This slaps more than it has the rights to do.

  47. Sean Dyer says

    You have gotten SOOOOOOO much better over time

  48. Natsu Dragneel says

    Little Z's Musical Masterpieces Vol. 4 Is by far the best one

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