Little Z's Musical Masterpieces vol. 5


0:00 1. Ridley’s Back
1:22 2. When I edit out all my losses
1:49 3. Sweet HopCat Victory
3:08 4. You Lose You Chunky
3:59 5. Online Requires Skill
4:39 6. I forgot this song’s name
5:33 7. This amiibo is dumb
6:29 8. My Bongos are now Tax Deductible
7:12 9. Little Z WILL Win This Game
7:40 10. tfw you are not deceased
8:13 11. Dab it off
8:59 12. Up-Smash (Jump on it)
9:54 13. haha coffin dance meme
10:29 14. Super Mario Bros. Movie OST
11:10 15. Chilli Chilly Pound Clown
11:56 16. heyy heyy WHAT
12:12 17. Online is Toxic
13:20 18. Drummer who’s way too into it
14:00 19. EXTREMELY Budget Gerudo Valley
14:42 20. Is it Kazoo you’re looking for?

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  1. Little Z says

    Since I have now made over 100 songs for my outros (which is CRAZY to me), I thought we could do something fun!
    I've created a poll of EVERY Musical Masterpiece, head on over there and vote for your favourites (max 10 votes per person)
    I'll do something cool with the winning tracks (full versions/behind the scenes/remastered versions/MUSIC VIDEOS????) Haven't fully decided yet but it will be a greatest hits!

  2. Aidan Butterworth says

    “Now is the moment you've been waiting for!!”

  3. Drowel Soul says

    7:40 is my favorite

  4. Elizer Gustin says

    9:57 me when im playing greninja and i miss a counter

  5. Jonathan Schwab says

    What song is this?

  6. Jammy Dodger2579 says

    3:25 what the frick am I watching

  7. David Sung says

    What song is number 5?

  8. Shadowblue says

    I'll never get tired of hearing Up-smash jump on it.

  9. jumbal says

    When he went kookoo on kazoo….

    I felt that

  10. inserte nombre says

    Little z made music whit: little z, little z, hopcat, bigwinbeer, poppt1, a girl what i dont know his name (the girl whit the guitar) and his sister

  11. Octüs says

    what is that epic drum beat in between songs

  12. RespectfulDuck says

    Does anyone know which video the up smash jump on it video came from

  13. BenThe Gamer says

    I don't think zachs teacher didn't expect him to dress up as king dedede and be singing moto moto likes you in dedede form

  14. CMC bandiCOOT says

    I love the drummer who is way too into it one can you make a full version

    PS: I know this probably will not happen I would just like it :/

  15. Joyce Li says
  16. Damians fnaf videos says

    Your skills are asowme watch my vids damian fnaf ids

  17. Kristienne Dela Cruz says

    No one:

    Litteraly No one:

    Little z: 3:08 CHUNKKEH

  18. Dylan Benitez says

    I can't stop listening to that dedede song.

  19. Kaiju says

    Mom can we have Moto-Moto?
    We have Moto-Moto at home.
    Moto-Moto at home: 3:10

  20. Gengu says

    Look that fucking flow XD new rapper????

  21. this is Zama says

    "Good games hopcat"
    Idk why i grinned at that

  22. Feud Army says

    Online requires skill is so hype

  23. Dakota Morrison says

    Get. A. Loop. You'd become even more of a God.

  24. Surprised Pikachu says

    I’m actually surprised at how fast hop cat can rap

  25. JamieGamePlayThrough says

    During the fourth part of Up Smash (Jump On It), l expected you to say Up Special.

  26. Lach Ramzy says

    I love moving my c stick up

  27. FredSplat TV says


  28. Basketbomber Slackingson says

    Would Little Z allow animations of these? If he did, animators I request ya do it.

  29. Kaelan Kinneavy says

    This video is so cursed and I love it

  30. Michael Goodwin says

    Nobody's gonna talk about how every intro to a song is the p*rnhub intro as well

  31. Naveed Hossain says

    U lose u chunky was uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  32. Lucas Miller says

    Dude you’re epic

  33. Jimmy Robson says

    he can play the piano and play the drums and sing all at the same time

  34. Michael Goodwin says

    Getting hit by Mario foward air be like:

  35. TomTheOcto says
  36. Bloomerang 69 says

    Up-Smash is just the best

  37. Big Manz says

    They should add these songs to smash

  38. Mist Blade says

    6. (Forgot this song’s name) is the best

  39. Stored Park4049 says

    Friend: “hey what are you listening to?”
    Me: “I forgot this songs name”
    Friend: “well look at your phone idiot”
    Me: *looks at phone
    Friend: “so what is it?”
    Me: “I forgot this songs name”
    Friend: “how fucking stupid do you have to be to…” *looks at phone
    Me: “I forgot this songs name”
    Friend: “you’re such a ducking idiot”

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