Little Z's Musical Masterpieces Vol. 1


0:00 1. Drumalovania
0:28 2. A Land Upside-Down Under
0:49 3. You are a Heavy
1:34 4. 1v2 Anthem
2:00 5. Coal Town Road
2:40 6. Take On Me (RIP Vine)
3:05 7. Curb Your Tin Whistle
3:30 8. I Need a Hero
4:13 9. About me: I like The Office
4:37 10. To Be Continued…
5:01 11. Gang-Plank Kazoo
5:32 12. Slappin’ Da Drums
5:58 13. Gerudo Valley by Zelda
6:14 14. Old Town Bad Guys
6:59 15. Drumalovania: The Remix
7:28 16. High IQ Fortnite
7:59 17. Gaur Plains (Night (Relaxing))
8:35 18. Piano Drum Harmonica Vocal Man
9:33 19. Anyway, Here’s Windywall
10:06 20. Bad Pokeguy

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  1. Little Z says

    OnE oF mY bEsT iNsTrUmEnTs

  2. Jin Sakai says

    ngl guar plains sounds like kakyion's theme in the beginning

  3. Joey Black says

    thought I had a stroke at 5:37

  4. tofu -ω- says

    A Land Upside Down Under

    Litteraly me and my best friend on a sleepover

  5. General Rokma says

    5:34 : Style

  6. tim othy says

    Honestly, since being here since like, the start of the smash 4 character montages, it's been such an amazing journey with you Little Z, each video is always awesome, I haven't not seen each video more than once, and each video your editing and comedy get better and better (maybe not the gameplay lol sorry z). But I always love the content, keep up the amazing work!!!

  7. Defy Aced says

    Become my music teacher plz

  8. Mubby says

    "these things aint gonna do anything"

    me ten minutes later: 8:01

  9. Caleb / Speedy jolteon says

    the Fortnite no

  10. Swift Shadow says

    Where do you get the megalovania drums

  11. Sans Fan 101 says
  12. hamburger Bravo says

    The best music that I heard my life :))))

  13. Shavocs The Avocado says

    What song is high iq fortnite covering

  14. Aidan Diaz says

    his music has been even better

  15. Aidan Diaz says

    i ever since he sang the parody for runaway

  16. Super Jeffy Logan says

    No no more bad guy

  17. Dylan Ambrose says

    Drums: get added to smash: little z: oNe Of My BeSt ChArAcTeR

  18. Cody Wojahn says

    Wow this was only 8 months ago, wow this year has been long

  19. Fishsticks says

    this video helps you find songs you’ve heard but don’t know the name of

  20. Diamond Aura says

    7:00 I don’t know why this is so oddly satisfying but I want a full version

  21. Captain lazy lazar says

    This is masterpiece

  22. TomTom Games says

    The last one is disappointing

  23. Nathan Wood says

    Little z should go on tour

  24. HRPluto _ says

    4:40 It’s all JoJo’s references?
    always has been

  25. Elijah Is Beast says


  26. Morcatna says

    Who let the dogs out?

  27. Mashinmello says

    5:32 Davie504 would be proud

  28. Spamus Music says

    The string in windy wall gives me anxiety.

  29. Swordchicken1 says

    Why is bad guy combined with everything and why does it work so well?

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