1. Максим Кратц says

    Ни одного дизлайка!!! Армия фанатов у ла2 самая преданная))

  2. Szooszi says

    The alligator island, so much horror plz no.

  3. Kiju Axel says

    Sounds so… Disney-esque~Like the opening sequence to a movie.

  4. Саня Хитрый says

    Мой Lineage2! так много воспоминаний… Если бы ещё раз это пережить

  5. JTG2003 says

    Lineage 2 just felt .. epic and majestic. Just look at that screenshot in the video. A beautiful town across the water. WoW may have dominated the MMO realm (at least for a time) but they have never had anything as beautiful as Lineage 2.

  6. Wufei Ren says

    beautiful . l2 has really awesome soundtracks which simply puts u in the mood 4 playing l2 .

  7. Pain Gamolka says

    Lineage 2 в моем сердце навсегда

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