1. Juju Solomon says

    I got the 1000 shirt

  2. Mr Galaxy says

    woow its so cool

  3. rising star says

    L man finally came up with SUM smart LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  4. Emmanuel Tlau says

    Wow drewbie is a rlly good dancer

  5. rising star says

    But it's great love it #getLmanto16k L

  6. rising star says

    But the moves

  7. rising star says

    U hard u hard drew I see u

  8. Lava Newbie says

    wtf is this.

  9. Brittany Bradshaw says

    Dude your the best it is so good

  10. xShi_ba says

    hes pretty thicc ngl

  11. Mikhail Punjabi says

    Hello drew i LOVE THE SONG THIS IS ALL I HEAR SADLY I DONT COME TO UR STREAMS because whne u stream it is 12 night for me): maybe try a little ealry

  12. Muhammad Fawaz says

    this is like sooooo nice i love it

  13. Okasha Faiz says


  14. m_zoblox s says

    Nice song bro.

  15. 「 ѕαƒƒιуα 」 says


  16. Itz Break says


  17. Dorothy Cole says

    That sounds so awsome

  18. AbissBlox says

    What graphic card do u have drewbue

  19. Jake Sheehan says

    Dis the best bro!

  20. MxttyGaming says

    L man? More like W man

  21. pear bros studios says

    Back to school

  22. xE_clipse says

    Drewbie do be getting down lol

  23. AlexPlays _Roblox says


  24. Tais North says

    nice! its AMAZING

  25. Josh Josh5 says


  26. Abdulmoiz Hussaini says

    thts trash!

  27. Miriam-Dawn McIntyre says

    Like the muisc but the animation is cringe

  28. Torrie Mac says

    MyComment disappeared-

  29. Abdi Samad Ali says

    i think 1 day drew will hit 1 million

  30. Mew And Tae says

    Epic 😀 This is a really good music video.

  31. darkly_gaming says

    that a lot of auto tune lol

  32. • Milkshake • says

    PFFF THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE-(It's me Denise btw) WHAT IS THIS- 😂😂😂😂

  33. KolKlay says

    I love your avatar and the music if u wanna add me user kolklay

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