1. Alex Burr says

    Memes from 2008?

  2. Mister. Manamme Geff says

    Someone's addicted to blizzard oreos woman work

  3. Rain 28980 says

    number ⑨, gensokyo frozen frog

  4. ClammyPFB says

    Number 15

  5. Korya Iine says

    The strongest..


    Today, we've sadly lost one of Japan's most influential engineers. His name was "Yaoi Futanari" and he designed some of the most important parts of the modern CD Player. He has sadly passed away at the age of 96. Show some love and give him a search on Google.

  7. discotheque says

    number 15 type beat

  8. Alexandros says

    more chills

  9. Ritik Vibhani says

    I need to block you

  10. KABUUM!!! says

    Tupper is proud

  11. gutten er fin 69 says

    this is a dude, mom im scared

  12. Jeremy Graves says

  13. DumbIceFairy says

    Hope it was still september 9th in your timezone

  14. DarknessAkuma says


  15. Jorge E says

    Higher quality content than what I'm used to from this neck of the woods. That's a win.

  16. Noob Master says

    no, Make it stop. MY EARS ( it was good not gona lie about that though)

  17. BakedBanana says


  18. rafael Perez Urbina says

    Pretty good movements, solid visuals and music.Yeah, I give it a Number 15/10

  19. Victor Pelufaz says

    Why am I suscribed to this channel?

  20. B says


  21. Trash Panda ,_, says

    Number biffteen buber bing boot bettuce

  22. M4TT YN says


  23. GalaxyVerse says

    I guess she's a VEVO music star now.

  24. Turtle 03 2.0 says


  25. artemis2314 says


  26. The Host says

    This is quite literally me on break at work. You know I got touhou ready on my phone to play in the back in bk.

  27. Zurtecc says

    I want to die

  28. Javier Valenciano porras says

    This is awsome

  29. Dana Freeman says

    Yay another upload from the VR wiggle god

  30. Puffer Z says

  31. Twash Man says

    ytpmv visuals moment

  32. Kinboshi says

    ice lettuce

  33. rhythm gamer says

    Finally he made a touhou vid

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