Leeds United FM20 | Part 8 | SUMMER TRANSFER SPECIAL | Football Manager 2020


Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2020 video the Leeds United FM20 series continues and seeing as though you guys really enjoyed the January Transfer Special, I thought I’d so an entire Summer Transfer Special as we look to build and improve the team we have!

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  1. Charles Tan says

    Wow lots of changes as promised. Come on let's do this.

  2. Ed Sumner says

    what face pack do you use?

  3. Ed Sumner says

    it is pronounced Mehlier

  4. Jayvees says

    This summer transfer is very good and well deserved. You pick the right players for the season for Leeds United.

  5. cruiseylee says

    100th like you love to see it. 😉

  6. Dougie Black says

    what I always do when I get a good youth player through the intake is offer him a fulltime contract, that comes into effect when he turns 18 and also add an optional 3 year extension that you can trigger around a year later. That way you have him tied down for 5 years and wont lose him to bigger clubs

  7. Marc Clarke says

    Really liked this episode, I watch a fair few FM YouTubers but think your transfer special is one of the better ones I have ever seen. Must have been annoying to edit. Good on you for supplying this content.

  8. Stew Simpson says

    Transfer tip. The Keeper you bought was valued at £1m. They came back asking for £2.6. If you half the £1.6m difference in offers and add it to your original offer they will usually accept. So you could've got your Keeper for £1.8m.

  9. Johno Daz says

    Another amazing Transfer Special Tom 👍. Really good Signings, a small Squad but a solid looking Team I feel 👌.

  10. Patrick Twomey says

    Well done Tom, enjoyed that – excellent episode 👏

  11. oP_Spyder says

    Hey Tom! Really enjoying the series so far :)! Keep it up!

  12. DeLiqueRS says

    Vital is you far best player, he simply has to play on attacking duty.

  13. Dodgy Dpad says

    theres a few players you should be able to get and are amazing:GK – Wuilker Farinez, CB/DM – Marco Kana, AMLCR – Mohamed Ihattaren, CM – Ryan Gravenberg, CM/AMC – Yari Verschaeren, CB – Gabriele Corbo, CB – Dario Maresic, LB – Josha Vagnoman, AMR – Karamoko Dembele. These players are super young. 4-5 star potential, you can get them in pretty cheap early on and if they get poached by bigger teams, bring in a hell of alot of money.

  14. ibo cicek says

    When offering contracts stop giving all these players ‘important players’ to ‘star players’ playing time this will cause problems for you down the line

  15. Arthur says

    Look at Matheus Henrique from gremio in brazil he is a midfielder or Jean Pyerre love your vids, im from brazil and try to guess my favorite club hahaha

  16. Ace Gio says

    Edmondsson,Bogusz and Kenneh watch out for these guys from youth squad they're really something.

  17. Dragos Magureanu says

    Best series ever , i love it !!!= ))))

  18. * Uszkera says

    Man Why not Vital with a Corinthians shirt on the thumbnail still I am happy to see a Corinthians player on a save

  19. thatsnotachop says

    Have you edited shtygel to have good attributes as a coach?

  20. Meerab Berry says

    I'm Single 😍😥

  21. Thomas Hall says

    You’re such an underrated YouTuber. How do you only have 15k subscribers?

  22. Ace Gio says

    Luke Ayling so damn underrated in Football Manager..See the game against Liverpool and you'll understand what I mean!

  23. Andrea Necchi says

    Valenti not Valentini xD

  24. Jack O'Neill says

    Thank you for changing Kluivert’s number to 34🙂

  25. Joe Ramsden says

    Glad my 4m + 4m trick worked 👍🏻🤪Have a look at Matias vina. Good full back and second nationality is Italian 👌🏻

  26. Spunky J says

    Love the transfer specialsAlso love you forgetting Man Utd and Leeds are mortal enemies 😅

  27. Matt Bright says

    40 min special get in, you love to see it

  28. Kiba Kurosaki says

    First again 🙂 still enjoying the series 😀 @TomFM I think you made a good call in selling Kiko and Pablo, they're a little old for me too, although they're ok players.

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