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Right Hand Crochet
Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Triple Crochet – Simple Crochet

Crochet Circle – Simple Crochet

Foundation Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Foundation Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Foundation Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Crochet
Left Hand Slip Knot – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Crochet Chain – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Triple Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

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  1. Ghudi Vvjh says

    I like this design so beautiful design

  2. Namrata Kant says

    I love the way you guide….my favourite tutorial

  3. Deborah55 says

    Beautiful hat! Thank you for sharing!

  4. mom Woodard says

    Is this for a baby ? I want to make for a 1 yr old

  5. Jennifer Highstreet says

    I know this video is old…but I want to make this for a 12 month old. I am new to crochet. How big of a cap does this make? And if i need to make it biggger at what point in the cap would I do that?

  6. Millie Benson says

    One of the best crocheting tutorials to date. Well done. More more more please !!!

  7. M.D F.H says

    سلمت يداك قبعة جميلة جدااااا

  8. Nadia Smhan says


  9. Eliana Correia says

    Beautiful.Thank you of Brazil. Sign up for my YouTube Channel Eliana Correia Crochê.

  10. mrudula damarla says

    How to yarn from 6th round

  11. mrudula damarla says

    Round 6-21 means????

  12. mrudula damarla says

    Should we Continue the 48 crochets till the end to get as the cap????

  13. Dorothy wallace says

    Thank you so much again for sharing this much appreciated.

  14. Alienmiep says

    mine had a circumference of 27 cm……. .__.
    and i have over three years of crochet experience

  15. Madeline Braun says


  16. Rick Harakal says

    which is the front and which is the back?  The 14 st. across to each flap is the front or back?

  17. Josephine W Martinez says

    I like your work. You do your crocheting so need.

  18. MoonAngel23 says

    I tried this two times and the cap can fit on my mom's head! I used the right hook! This was supposed to be a gift for a friends baby, but I have no idea what I did wrong! I even used different types of yarn….Please help!

  19. Lajosné Polgári says

    Én szeretném ha magyar felirásokkal látnák el.Mert  idegen nyelven nem mindenki beszél.És sok nyugdijas nagymama horgol . köszönöm.

  20. Carole Spencer says

    Thank you so much for sharing your video. I had great success. All the best.

  21. hellokristy5420 says

    Okay..I have used 4 ply yarn and a different hook so I guess that makes sense. Well my 5 year old will get another hat! 🙂 I'll have 2 try this with the correct yarn size and see if it turns out smaller.

  22. hellokristy5420 says

    Why is my hat sooooo big? I'm not even to the last row yet and I fit it on my 5 year old and it fits on her head perfectly. She just needs ear flaps I guess. What age is this pattern for? And I am a beginner so my stitches are probly not as tight as yours so this might be why…

  23. zulu malo says

    I enjoy your video very much. So easy to follow. You explain everything step by step. I know I can crochet this. Thank you for the clear instructions

  24. CHIKA CHIC COCINA GT cocina says

    Gracias por compartir tus tejidos con nosotros por asi aprendemos de ti ,y hoy hise el gorrito para mi hija y me quedo super bonita me encanto muchas gracias.Dios te Bendiga,

  25. Mama Max says

    How can I modify this to fit a 12 month old?

  26. Alexis Veitz says

    Any tips as to what I should change to make this hat for a 12 month old?

  27. perlajaylyn jesse says

    I have a question. Is this cap for baby's 0-3 months or does that depend on the size of the hook ?

  28. GixxerRider101 says

    Will this fit a 2 year old?

  29. kittyjezebelle says

    Can you start off with a magic ring instead? Thanks for the tutorial.

  30. MamaBear 420 says

    Are there written instructions?

  31. 92991angels says

    Im trying to make a 6-12 month baby hat with earflaps so I want to know what size does is this baby hat?

  32. Scott says

    Cant wait to get started..I've only ever done straight lines with single stitch! I'd like to make it for my 10 month old so would I just continue to increase a little more after your round 5…maybe with increase after every two single stitches or make it after every 3 single stitches? Thanks a million…and thanks for sharing this!

  33. leashw says

    This is a great tutorial! My hat actually turned out. I just started crocheting a week ago. Thanks!!!

  34. acbd199 says

    Hi Teresa, thank you for your great videos. I want to use this video to make a zebra hat. I want to alternate between single and double crochet rows for this purpose. (I mean, the black lines with sc and the white ones with double crochet). Do you think this video with the same increases will work?

  35. Melissa says

    great tutorial. How many spaces do i put the ear flaps if i am making it for a child not a baby?

  36. kayleen merrill says

    I had the same question. I've been following but doing it in the stitch cuz I have different yarn n a bigger hook.

  37. Catherine Whittaker says

    Why aren't u going thru the stitches, instead of going thru the spaces. Would it have a different look to the hat?


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