1. Slurpy360 says

    I'm calling it,
    The music pack will probably be in the battle pass next season and the music is probably going to play during the event 👌

  2. Mshari25 bawazir says

    it's like the distny 2 music

  3. Qui says

    This is the song that plays while you read the comics in the battle pass lobby

  4. Countess Flawless says


  5. Vardaan Kumar says

    I think the event music should be like this but not exactly the same

  6. PGReddd d says

    I hope this isn’t spoiling the event music

  7. WR4TH GM says

    This will be in the love event for sure

  8. Itz bolt says

    To be countinue in season 5….

  9. Captain da Boss says

    Is it me or this is the theme for the avengers game?

  10. Looney Kid says

    This is gonna be the event music it has to be!!!

  11. Pressure Gam says

    Now this sounds like a marvel fight.

  12. Damixim says


  13. Titanoboa 2020 says

    I’d freak out if it was playing in the rvent

  14. Maximo Tello says

    this is the track you listen when you open the comic on the battle pass part
    (like if you want this track on the event 🙂 )

  15. Antonio Bravo says


  16. No One says

    Wow.. 😳🔥

  17. Aquaboy _1007 says

    2. I don't watched it
    3. Idk its good i think 😅

  18. Arjunツ says

    This music will be in season 5 bp ✅

  19. Асинастрия says

    Sounds like spider-man OST

  20. ThunderBeastGaming says

    1:10 we'll go to a complete new map here im calling it

  21. Swift Fallen says

    Can you make a venom skin game play?

  22. mark clxxx says

    I got goosebumps just by listening to it what more if it’s actually playing during the event o_O

  23. iiOPG_HWD2 says

    My favourite music pack
    I hope it's free for everyone that watch the event 🙁

  24. Ky Sly says


  25. Ky Sly says


  26. Nikolaj Amosov says
  27. Seibitsu says

    I hope this is a free reward, it sounds amazing

  28. Snorlax Vids says

    This is the music that played when you were reading the comics

  29. XYouceFX says

    skin tracker on top

  30. Brani says

    Let the nexus war begin

  31. iKatOverLord says


  32. john Martsoukas says

    Can you do a Ice raider skin gameplay?

  33. daim says

    Im still disappointed that we didnt got the Avengers theme as music disc

  34. KARGON Mapper says

    wow it's great!

  35. Hooych says

    I exited to buy the pretending boss music pack by hjdoogan

  36. klmt_ vasilis says

    I bet this music pack is going to play in the event

  37. Suafeq says

    TIt's event music, but we hear music from Avenger and I fortnite! Wow… it'll be a epic event ❤️ i cnat wait

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