1. ꪑiꪶk tꫀꪖ says

    me running away from a scammer in adopt me.

  2. ツAillene says

    Wow shes so fast!

  3. -Galaxy Cz- says

    Everyone trying to run in their nightmares be like:

  4. Jxngrou says


  5. harlu says

    I see your playing islands/sky block 😉

  6. makoto naegi says

    she just wanted to play islands c'mon Roblox 😔👊

  7. •Layla The Freak• says

    Me when I’m making “art”:

  8. • a n g x l • says

    idk why but whenever i play roblox lag always joins the game 🤔

  9. MiaTheEpic says

    aaa you play islands?- can i donate you 1M coins i really want to-

  10. ꧁ Leaf Otaku ꧂ says

    xD that's me when I get lag

  11. •Pandev• says

    they are so fast you can’t even see them moving

  12. Shakhina K says

    The end of he heehee sounds like my scream when someone tickles me :’)

  13. quxack says

    Micheal Jackson’s Fans:Micheal Jackson: Ahah- ooh- ah-

  14. Ma.Anissa Freya P. Gabuyo says

    Yea same even im in computer ; – ;

  15. Nathan Luvena says

    SPOODER bpi

  16. Angela Morales says

    Ngl the only reason I don't play Islands as much is becasue 1:It pauses me 5 times when I join2: It doesn't let me harvest (the option doesn't come up)3: It shows me the "gameplay is paused" notice almost every minute4: Sometimes it just doesn't care and decides to not let me interract with anything5: When I fight mobs at buff island, they sometime just fall through the floor and I never get my killMoral of the story: If you want to play ROBLOX on a Android, you have to deal with being the slowest walker in the game.

  17. • Mei • says


  18. • Mei • says

    Michael Jackson

  19. Sushi Cream TV says

    ayy, you like. ISLAND?!?

  20. Gosh_help says

    Oh anthonor abomination with the eggs!

  21. HelloZen says

    Nice island, mine is garbage-

  22. cherrii_m says

    You: cutely runs in place

  23. AlyssaPlaysPH says


  24. •Sara The Lazy• says

    That's me when I trying to play jailbreak on mobile ;-;I hate lagging

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