1. GAMEAWAY KAY says

    Everyone Hit The "LIKE" Button so Lachlan sees it! Thanks for Love

  2. Inverse says

    I donate alot

  3. NotSwayzy says

    48.1k can only 1.4k views ur channel is sooooooooooo dead ngl

  4. LTK Trapz お says

    That is actually a good team

  5. Zexo-YT says

    How do u enter?

  6. t3kn0 Gaming says

    I love this video but what’s the code

  7. Pjzs Mythic says

    So if you make it in to the qualifiers will you use the same combo for the qualifiers? And I really wanted to do it as I had a great idea but I couldn’t do it with anyone. I was going to be Santa and I would have one of the pj skins be an elf instead of the code name elf so it was creative and then have red nosed raider be a reindeer. The reindeer would do naruto run as I did the ride the sleigh emote and the elf does salute

  8. Robot_Playz :D says

    I hope you get in and I bet you have great emotes and a great story.Good luck (please do a live stream soon if you can) oh and by the way on Lachlan’s video about it I asked him if he could look at yours

  9. ISO_KJ47 L says

    Those skins were fire

  10. icyy says

    Favorite YouTuber GameAway luv u so much hope you win

  11. Taylor says

    I hope you guys win it’s a great combo Trio

  12. lksimmons says

    You also need GOOD dances and perfermances, not just good skin combos

  13. Mizz_Vibes says

    I really hope you enter i will be rooting for you if you get in. Also don’t forget you have to make story emotes so you know how you put us to the test to see how creative we are with it and now your being put to the test. Hope you do well kay!

  14. XxNoah _YT says


  15. Infi JJ says

    How you win

  16. Mr Modder says

    U are the best drip god u finna win

  17. chosenbuckle progamer says

    I love your ideas keep it up

  18. Miguel Uzumaki says

    Kay watch out for Lachlan’s ha

  19. Ash says


  20. Ash says


  21. Younglord Not says

    Hey I. Love you

  22. j m says

    What up Kay

  23. Iczeyy Ψ says

    Isn’t this going to be a game mode I would do it but I created a new account but I still have my old account on mobile

  24. Zodiac Clan says

    I was in one of your fashion shows

  25. BIGJOEbtw says

    Not going to lie he might not pick u guys cuz ur wearing the same skin

  26. zerlock says


  27. 0 stitch says

    I am trying to join it to my trio is named glow trio

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