Labor Day Could Launch New Spike In COVID Cases, Health Experts Warn | TODAY


Top health officials are warning that the end of summer could lead to another spike in coronavirus cases as millions plan Labor Day gatherings. Meanwhile, the CDC is alerting states to be ready to distribute a vaccine by November. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY.
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Labor Day Could Launch New Spike In COVID Cases, Health Experts Warn | TODAY

  1. Torchman X says

    Where was the concern when tens of thousands were rioting in the streets?

  2. Erich von dem Bach Zelewski says

    It says on the package-"this mask will not protect you from viruses "Stupid .

  3. Erich von dem Bach Zelewski says

    Sure it wasn't the Burning Looting and Murdering?

  4. Alexis Delgado says


  5. last man says

    The only people who are safe are the rioters on labor day weekend.

  6. Mike Ray says

    They should have rioted on the beach.Then there would be no problem

  7. Ivan Richie says

    Whether it's Labor Day or any other day the same applies

  8. Ginny Boetel says


  9. Nicholas Parker says

    Going to your local Chinese restaurant could lead to a spike

  10. Melissa Bever says

    Duh! We already knew this would happen and it's already happening. Shut everything down!

  11. Liliana Castellanos says


  12. Kim K says

    Your listeners haven't seen the tape of Trump talking about how he knows how much deadlier this virus is than the flu but he wants to downplay it, in February. He's always known what would happen & continues to lie to your sheep listeners. He's created this death & failure of the economy, almost single handedly. Trump is to blame for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, millions about to be evicted, millions that list their jobs & health insurance he promised you he would fix & has only tried to destroy pre-existing coverage since the day he was in office. He's a thief, a life long grifter & an internal thug only out for himself. He doesn't even care for his own family.

  13. Jonathan says

    Ive been visiting my grandma this whole quarantine, no mask, hugs, kisses, etc. Guess whos ok? The whole family

  14. BorsicksChannel says

    Expert, means ten thousand hours experience. Ya, no experts on the virus.

  15. TheAwesomeVinnie says

    Wish I could've been there

  16. Scottishcell live says

    How is this possible by November, we need a cure not a bandaid, America we need to join together before we damaged ourselves more time will tell,facts are facts, please show me wrong not with bs with facts,please! #jointogetheramerica

  17. Dr. W. Smith says

    Sweden didn’t lockdown at all and infections there are almost zero now. The news media and Democrats colluded on this great exaggeration and need to be held to criminal account.

  18. G. Wil says

    Not Huntsville Alabama!!!!!

  19. Jamal James says

    People watch these liars😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  20. Bob by says


  21. Solokey says

    How about the roits? Do you think the virus will spike loll what a joke.

  22. Donna Lands says

    Herd immunity matters.

  23. David Story says

    Girls in bikinies worth it

  24. Jayke5150 says

    Tou guys are total idiots

  25. Dean Ossiander says

    probably .. people don't listen

  26. Tim Smith says

    Nobody gives a f ck !! Just another worthless China product that doesn’t work !!

  27. White Bandit says

    Get over it everybody’s going to get it just like the flu. It will be a reminder what China did to us and yes some people going to die just like the flu maybe worst. remember buy American not Chinese

  28. Tendonitis says

    These people that work at these stations and owners of the stations should be embarrassed of themselves . It’s so pathetic

  29. Th B says

    DT stooges….deplorable.

  30. Jack Low says

    Stop your lies already it’s fake

  31. Mike Ray says

    This could mean that everyone in America will be infected and come down with no symptoms and not be sick at all.It could go nation wide

  32. Aaron Fuller says

    Of course it could, the people weren’t under the heel of local government! I also love how going to the beach will make covid worse but BLM and Antifa riots I mean protests don’t effect the spread of covid!

  33. Thomas Aquinas says

    Still waiting on the millions projected to die with all your "models" that just never seem to match realityYou are propaganda

  34. Terry Burke says

    The media is the enemy

  35. Terry Burke says


  36. Jackie Love says


  37. Charlie Hay says


  38. V B says

    The news is the covid

  39. Vien's Loopy Life says

    Seeing the amount of dislikes and the amount of negative comments, I know that we're not going to get to a low number in a long time.California's seen this twice over, yet the country doesn't look at us and look at how they approach COVID-19 and fix themselves. I expect most of the governors up for reelection this year to be ripped out of office due to their poor handling of this crisis and the amount of people dying out there.Another thing about California's COVID cases, we're only so high now but only partly because of some Californians just don't listen to our government and prefer Trump. The other big part of this is the HUGE amount of people from other states flocking to California beaches and lakes. Surprisingly, Tahoe was the lake and area where I saw the least amount of people from other states. During this pandemic, I would just be going to to coast to get some things, but see hundreds to thousands of people from other states parked in parking spaces for beaches.

  40. Ghost Hunters NYC-Upper West Side Occult Science says

    »Americans will be American.

  41. Chris Hansen With Dateline NBC says

    Day Nine of Covid being done by 1. September.

  42. death2lesr says

    If they light the nearby buildings on fire and block the boardwalk will it make them immune to COVID asking for a friend

  43. Truth Teller says

    No worries November 4th when Trump wins this will all go away anyway all political bull crap

  44. evwytinguwan says

    Fake news

  45. MidScream1 says

    Peaceful protesting beach goers

  46. The Fluffy Rooster says

    People know the risks but still choose to get out of the prison that has become their homes. Even going to the grocery store feels like an amusement park. We’re tired of Mr. Fettuccini.

  47. Jason Reagan says

    I hear rioting gives you immunity from the virus, law, and scrutiny from the leftist media and the past 100 days has proved this. So grab your blm and antifa signs/flags , bottlerockets, and your Molotov cocktails and show covid and racism who the real threat is.

  48. onelove says

    Bla bla

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