1. PartyAnd ThePeople says

    Not all kpop fans are toxic ?

  2. Atlantis Family says

    Muggy was killed by the stans

  3. Omega Stan - says

    Seriously everytime i see a stan put a fancam in a reply,it now gives me the feeling they are trying to make their tweets look like a tryhard low level of sarcasm ?

  4. Bonnie Hughes says

    Being a kpop/bts fan that’s not on Twitter or interacts on social media that much has me so confused..

  5. m.kkiyuu _x0x says

    As a Kpop fan myself, The idols or the music aren't the problem, the fans are. {I'm so sorry if some of yall have to deal with petty and toxic Kpop fans? even I'm sick of these "sO cALLeD fAns" so yall r not alone}

  6. KBG says

    So kpop is now a race?

  7. Bicsbigpp says

    Some of the comments KEEP generalizing the WHOLE kpop fandom which is making me mad. If you’re gonna talk bad be specific about what type of people you’re talking about in the fandom, and as a kpop stan i am 100% embarrassed you guys had to see that side of the fandom

  8. Bonito IsCoolooer says

    Must be rough to be a kpop idol

  9. Simeon Snow says

    Come back bro?

  10. Hitblock says

    kpop music is quite fine, but browho is stan and why does he like kpop

  11. L0STE4RTH .-. says

    The only reason I hate k-pop is because I hear it too much

  12. Rolando Librojo Jr. says

    Bts spam of kpop

  13. sodium chloride says

    mom: died from a car crashkpop stans: maybe ? if ? you ? stanned ? bts

  14. JoshLovesYou says

    I literally got attacked because I commented that Jungkook and Billie Eilish should do a Collaboration and Millions of Army's started attacking me because they thought Billie eilish is the Devil and that they wouldn't risk sending their "Kookie" in Hell like tf? Billie isn't Bad, I'm a Billie Eilish Fan. Sheesh, I understand that Some People can't respect other people's opinion. Honestly, Stans just scare me, Like fr. I'm distancing myself from Kpop and I'm only gonna listen to their Music and Not Interact with fans and Just space in the Peaceful Corner without getting into Drama. I feel so embarrassed for Army's Their Fandom is literally being Covered up with Toxic, Immature, Delusional Fans. Same with Blinks, Once's and Exo-l's Just stay peaceful in a Fandom like Carat where there's no Drama.

  15. Dalubuhle Magagula says

    We need to cancel the stans.

  16. Viviana says

    Yo where's muggy-

  17. anna is stupid says

    The thing h3h3 said about the 'twink gay fetish' is actually kinda true since A LOT of Kpop stans assume and fetishise their sexuality/ship them with their members and go off about it

  18. Ocean Ace says

    I see 5 people beating up a kpop stan, so i jump in to help. Now there's 6 people beating up a kpop stan

  19. Hannah S says

    and no they’re using a hashtag about harry styles being over because they want to get views on their KPOP fancams. lmao it’s low that the only way they get views on their videos is to bring down another even more popular celebrity.

  20. limsey says

    whats the game in 5:08?

  21. KPOP WORLD says

    At least ur respectful thank you because the last guys was so disrespectful someone actually send him a law suit

  22. ivan cunj says

    Bro we need you back

  23. Suga Malfoy says


  24. Clarissa says

    1:57 Nah but that's mean. That's actually offensive to BTS who are fully grown men. Don't blame them blame korean beauty standards .The fact that their fandom partly consists of toxic/delusional/defensive/protective/sasaeng stans doesn't make it okay to talk down to/about the whole industry. It's okay to hate kpop but to express your hate like that doesn't make you much better than toxic stans.

  25. sventa doni says

    The worst thing is that they are everywhere,like,one day I decided to lissen to a coldplay song,and more than half of the comments were army's getting over exited about the fact that they finded this song I [insert name here] playlist,one time I was looking at a funny comment,and the first thing I noticed was the fact that more than half of the replied ''ARMY'' because the person that made the comment had a kpop profile pic,and one time I saved a person getting overly exited because the creator of the video putted a photo of [insert name here] and I have sooo many examples that I do not even remember some,like ,we are not intrested about the fact that you finded a song in [insert name here] playlist.

  26. yOuR DoG sPEakS cHIneSE?? says

    Wait- you-you just compared us to ONE type of ARMY!!!Check out the Yoongi stans…they just wanna see you suffer. They also have rlly good burns.

  27. O N Y X says

    When you coming back??? ?

  28. HeyI'mDiamond says

    i hate kpop stans, periodt. ??

  29. Uncle Sam I Am says

    As leafy returns muggy leaves

  30. Ghxxst says

    Post more videos dude, it has been 6 months.

  31. Serendipity Min says

    The way u guys got annoyed by a fancam ?

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