KOTM Tournament #1 (Round 1 pt 2) Modified Diecast Street Racing


King of the Mountain – Modified Diecast Race Series
This video is intended for diecast collectors and racing fans 13+

Tournament #1 – Round 1 (Part 2)

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Race Rules:
– Best 2 out of 3
– Cars switch lanes between each race
– In case of tie, car with the fastest time starts the 3rd race on the inside lane
– Winner advances to the next round

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  1. Santak Swain(Student) says

    is he realy dead

  2. Mustafa Güler says

    Rip mcglayen

  3. JJ20kil3r says

    Bruh the crash from the van during the memorial vid 😂

  4. G w says


  5. shawnandkatie mitchell says

    Best channel ever

  6. nnamdi Ikemefuna says

    gab formaso's car nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Chance Hardy says

    The McClyde shirts fucking kill me 😂😂😂 you guys are seriously amazing and over the top never change

  8. TypeRopeWarriors says

    Is it weird that I did cry

  9. New World Gardens Landscape says

    Make a new video using mantle Disney Pixar cars 2 world Grand Prix cars for your viewers please

  10. Amir Green says


  11. 洋梨風味 says

    スタート地点に拓海のAE86(パンダトレノ)→ゴール地点に藤原豆腐店 Good Job ! 👍

  12. heitor Takatuzi says


  13. Luke Monk says

    RIP McClydeHe will always be the best van driver in diecast history

  14. aaron edrington says

    MEOW!!!! LOL

  15. Ron Butler says

    McClyde's tragic death could have easily been avoided if 3Dbotmaker had a higher guardrail or catch fence along that section of track. Of course, 3Dbotmaker has their bulletproof "signed waiver" so they are not responsible. That's BS! I say we boycott this channel. Cool t-shirt though, very thoughtful.

  16. John Marfal says

    Race in Peace McClyde

  17. Josh M says

    Anyone know the song at the start

  18. Taylor Peters says

    Anyone know the name of the song from tribute?

  19. Paula Walton says

    Race in peace McClyele Race in peace

  20. Freddy Rogers says

    May he rip

  21. Pp Ob1 says

    Love it . Ur guy made a very good fun video 😍😍



  23. Elaine Thompson says

    That jeep push the van oof rip van

  24. Ray Yip says

    oh… McClyde… you will always in my memory…R.I.P.

  25. Denice Roman says

    Puertorico papa

  26. hey sebas! says

    Race In Peace McClyde…. "McClyde wasn't just a race car driver, He drove a van"

  27. 44punisherable says

    Great videos y'all!! Hey, how do I send my own car to compete?

  28. Extra URÂNICO says


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